In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, consumers are increasingly demanding new and seamless experiences. As the rise of AI reshapes industries, the need for rapid innovation has never been more critical and it is in this dynamic environment that QA leaders stand as key orchestrators, uniquely positioned to champion customer quality and be the heralds of change.

Quality assurance is now more than just ensuring functionality. It is about exceeding the explicit and implicit expectations of customers while delivering fast and reliable solutions in DevOps.

This edition of the QA Leadership Summit serves as a beacon for those seeking to learn from industry leaders about testing software more effectively and faster at every stage. Join the best in the business to gain insights on how to solve for entire test lifecycle spanning test planning, creation, execution, and verification. Also, learn how you can enable different kinds of testing including Functional, Cross-platform, Visual, Accessibility, Performance, and more, so your customers have the best experience possible.

QA Leadership Summit


Rich Day

Software Engineering Manager, Marks and Spencer

Prayank Swaroop

Partner, Accel

Zohar Liran

Head of Engineering Data Delivery & Common Workflows, Autodesk

Radoslav Yordanov

Engineering Manager, Paysafe

Nitzan Moore

Lead QA Engineer, Immediate Media


Nakul Aggarwal

CTO & Co-founder, BrowserStack

Anand Subbaraman

Anand Subbaraman

President of Product, Marketing, Strategy and Business Operations, BrowserStack

Uday Tekumalla

Uday Tekumalla

Head of Product and Corporate Marketing, BrowserStack


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9th November, 2023

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT
08:05 AM - 08:36 AM PT

AI in Software Development & Testing: The Hype and Potential

  • Nakul Aggarwal
    Nakul Aggarwal
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Prayank Swaroop
  • Anand Subbaraman
    Anand Subbaraman

2023 is the AI-powered year! Join Prayank, Nakul, and Anand in an exciting discussion about AI’s game-changing impact on software development and testing. Explore how AI accelerates development, supercharges quality assurance today, and sets the stage for an innovative future in software engineering.

08:36 AM - 08:52 AM PT

Maximizing Test Automation Efficiency in DevOps

  • Rich Day
    Software Engineering Manager
    Marks and Spencer
  • Deepa Kedoor
    Head - Corporate Marketing

Test automation today is unquestionably a fundamental DevOps enabler, providing a solid foundation for a high-performance SDLC. In this session, learn how continuous test automation across the lifecycle is important to unlock the key benefits of DevOps — the ability to build, test, and ship faster and more reliably, act fast on incident responses, and improve developer experience across the board.

08:52 AM - 09:20 AM PT

Rethinking Testing for the Mobile-first Era

  • Radoslav Yordanov
    Engineering Manager
  • Anshu Hotchandani
    Anshu Hotchandani
    Senior Product Manager

In today’s digital landscape, the mobile-first approach has transformed the way we interact with technology. Mobile devices have become our constant companions, shaping the way we work, play, and connect. In this session, we will delve into the evolving landscape of software testing in the context of mobile-first development.

09:20 AM - 09:25 AM PT

Coffee Break

09:25 AM - 09:44 AM PT
Fireside Chat

Modernizing Software Quality Assurance with Visual Testing

  • Zohar Liran
    Head of Engineering, Data Delivery & Common Workflows
  • Aravind Aluri
    Aravind Aluri
    Head of DevOps and Enterprise Products

Dive deep into the core principles of visual testing and uncover why it’s critical for your software development lifecycle. Learn how visual testing done right can dramatically enhance your QA processes, eliminate regression bugs, and supercharge your automation journey

09:44 AM - 10:09 AM PT
Open Q&A

Ask me Anything

  • Dhimil Gosalia
    Dhimil Gosalia
    Senior Director of Engineering
  • Kunal Shah
    Director of Engineering
  • Kalpesh Doshi
    Senior Director of Product Management

Live Q&A with BrowserStack experts for mobile, functional, visual testing and accessibility testing. Learn more about BrowserStack capabilities, new releases, and roadmap. Understand if BrowserStack is the right fit for your team.

10:09 AM - 10:35 AM PT
Panel Discussion

Building a 20,000+ Devices Strong Cloud for Testing - The BrowserStack Inside Story

  • Kunal Shah
    Director, Engineering
  • Prity Ukey
    Engineering Manager
  • Akshay Minocha
    Senior Engineering Manager

Real-device testing for real results – this has always been the mantra at BrowserStack. From building a 20,000+ real-device cloud to launching devices on day zero, a meticulous testing process unfolds to ensure the devices work perfectly. In this panel discussion, BrowserStack experts will unveil what goes on behind testing a device before adding it to the device cloud. Gain valuable insights into the technology, tools, and strategies employed to establish a robust, high-performing real-device cloud that accelerates product development and ensures quality assurance

10:35 AM - 10:58 AM PT

The Multiplicative Power of Automation Testing and Smart Reporting

  • Nitzan Moore
    Lead QA Engineer
    Immediate Media
  • Ajesh Viswambharan
    Director, Quality Engineering

As you run tests more frequently, how do you effectively measure testing effectiveness? In this session, we discuss the key challenges you encounter and various ways to solve then when adopting a continuous testing journey.

10:58 AM - 11:00 AM PT

Closing Notes

  • Uday Tekumalla
    Uday Tekumalla
    Head of Product and Corporate Marketing


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