From Chaos to Control: Test Management Simplified

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Nakul Aggarwal
Co-Founder & CTO, BrowserStack
Nakul is an entrepreneur and technologist who has built cutting-edge companies. Having discovered a need for cross-browser testing, he co-founded and scaled BrowserStack to be a $4Bn company.
Shyam Veerina
Senior Vice President, Engineering, BrowserStack
Shyam is a technology executive with 25+ years of experience in product innovation, software engineering, and management. Currently Senior VP of Engineering at BrowserStack, he excels in cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and more.
Nitesh Sethi
Senior Manager, Engineering, BrowserStack
Nitesh is a technical leader with extensive experience in leading high-performing product and platform teams. He has a proven track record of solving complex problems at scale and is passionate about driving innovation.

About the event

While test management automation sounds great in theory, implementation can be a real challenge (read standardization and scalability issues). It’s like teaching a robot to do stand-up comedy. At first, it might awkwardly deliver punchlines in binary code, leaving everyone scratching their heads. But with each iteration (and with the right set of tools), it learns timing, tone and even throws in a few debugging jokes. And soon enough, it becomes the star of the testing team, generating laughs and efficiency in equal measure!

Join us for a fireside chat where BrowserStack’s engineering leadership will delve deep into all things test management— insights into optimizing test metrics and reporting, managing test data effectively, test case design best practices, and how organizations can best address resource challenges in test environment management.

Who is this webinar for:

QAs, SDETs, developers and team leads

Who is this webinar for:

  • Insights into test metrics to optimize testing outcomes
  • Practical approaches and strategies to tackle the challenges of test data management and test case design
  • Best practices for setting up and maintaining test environments using virtualization, containerization, and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Get your questions answered in an interactive Q&A session with BrowserStack’s engineering leadership