Functional automation testing at scale: best practices & solutions

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Snehi Jain
QA Engineering Manager, BrowserStack
Snehi is a QA Engineering Manager with BrowserStack. She has a decade plus experience as an automation engineer working on desktop & Web apps with primary focus on quality deliveries at ease. She strongly believes in automation first approach, supplemented with human ingenuity to bring a predictable and quality outcome
Akhil Gundawar
Group Product Manager, BrowserStack
Akhil currently leads Automation products at BrowserStack, including Automate, App Automate and TurboScale. During this 8+ year journey at BrowserStack, he managed Engineering teams for BrowserStack App Automate, and his experience has given him a deep understanding of automation testing requirements.

About the event

In today’s evolving digital landscape, websites and web apps are becoming increasingly complex – making them more susceptible to bugs and flaws. A robust functional automation grid can help deliver bug-free websites, but there are challenges with this approach, too.

QA teams often encounter extended grid setup times and numerous cross-functional dependencies. When combined with the need for accelerated testing at scale, they can find themselves choosing between speed and scale.

But can you devise a strategy that prioritizes both speed and scale? What industry best practices should you adopt to keep the competition at bay? Can BrowserStack products help in this endeavor?

Join our webinar for answers to all these questions and more! Snehi & Akhil will share their experiences and best practices that have helped them successfully set up and run automation grids. They will also deep dive into our new solution – Automate TurboScale – that promises to simplify functional testing by enabling QA to spawn on-demand automation grids at scale.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a functional automation strategy that works for your websites and web apps
  • Leverage industry best practices for functional testing
  • Scale testing with Automate TurboScale, BrowserStack’s new self-managed grid solution