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Live Q&A with BrowserStack Engineering experts

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Cormac Ó Broin
Cormac Ó Broin serves as a Senior Solutions Engineer at BrowserStack Enterprise. With his expertise, Cormac has been instrumental in guiding Large Enterprises along their automation journey, effectively demonstrating to customers how to maximise the potential of BrowserStack.
Rakesh Dasi
With a wealth of expertise spanning 8 years, Rakesh is a accomplished Automation Test Engineer proficient in diverse automation frameworks and programming languages. His commitment to precision and innovation has contributed to the seamless execution of testing processes, ensuring robust software quality in dynamic technological landscapes.

About the event

Got technical questions or need practical advice on BrowserStack products? Then join us for a live Q&A session with our team of experts from the customer engineering team.

We’ll aim to answer all your questions live on BrowserStack’s end-to-end unified testing platform for:

  • Website testing and Accessibility
  • App testing on a real device cloud of 20,000+ iOS & Android devices

Scope: Manual Testing, Test Automation, Visual Regressions, Test Observability and Test Management

Why attend?

    • Live Q&A with BrowserStack Engineering experts
    • Learn more about BrowserStack’s end-to-end unified testing platform for web and mobile apps
    • Get insights on how to solve test infrastructure challenges, best practices and testing specific use cases