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Taking a mobile-first approach to testing

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mobile first approach
Nakul Aggarwal
Co-Founder & CTO, BrowserStack
Nakul is an entrepreneur and technologist who has built cutting-edge companies. Having discovered a need for cross-browser testing, he co-founded and scaled BrowserStack to be a $4Bn company.
Santosh Kumar Yamsani
Head of EQE, BNY Mellon
Santosh heads the EQE Core Engineering team at BNY Mellon. He is a passionate engineering leader who believes in looking at systems holistically and injecting Quality into every component and every stage.
JeanAnn Harrison
Principal Test Engineer, Biora Therapeutics
JeanAnn is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working on diverse QA initiatives for various industry verticals. She regularly conducts workshops, and has contributed to several books on software testing.
David Burns (Moderator)
Head of open source, BrowserStack
David is a core contributor to Selenium, chairperson for the W3C working group and editor of the W3C WebDriver specification. He has also authored multiple books.


  • More than 75% attendees engaged till the end of the session
  • Attendees from 27 countries from across the globe


Nakul talked about how mobile is gaining priority across industries and how every three out of four dollars is being spent on mobile right now.

JeanAnn emphasised on the need for setting and managing expectations with the leadership team which is one of the major challenges when it comes to mobile testing.

Santosh shared insights on how we can make test planning more rigorous by understanding the market, industry, architecture and function of your application.