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Curating test automation strategies for real devices

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Pinky Gorai
Automation Specialist, Accenture
With over ten years of experience in test automation, designing & building automation frameworks, CI/CD DevOps deployment, and providing end-to-end solutions using multiple tools & technologies, Pinky brings immense knowledge and insights. Being a strategic thinker who continuously learns & fosters growth, she delivers exceptional results at Accenture as a test automation specialist.
Abhishek Das
Quality Engineering Manager, Elsevier
Abhishek is a passionate quality engineering manager with 9+ years of experience and a proven track record of building top-performing teams and implementing cutting-edge test automation. He brings a plethora of knowledge on bridging coverage gaps through collaborative efforts across business & engineering.
Aditya Roshan
Senior Customer Engineer, BrowserStack
Aditya is an expert with 9+ years of experience in cloud testing products. He has solved key customer challenges on website testing and accessibility at BrowserStack.

About the event

‘Testing at scale’ is the new norm. As the spectrum of devices with multiple form factors increases, it becomes imperative for businesses to adopt a comprehensive testing approach.

The key? – Test Automation. Right from framework selection and designing test cases to implementing CI/CD, test automation has proven to be the catalyst for accelerating quality releases.

But foraying onto a test automation journey is a complex ask. As customer demands evolve, defining software quality becomes crucial. This calls for adopting industry-leading automation best practices and tools that enable testing on real devices.

Join Pinky, Abhishek, and Aditya in this insightful webinar focusing on some of the above challenges and the solutions that helped them deliver excellent products. They will also demonstrate automating some advanced test cases on BrowserStack Real Device Cloud.

So, Get ready to elevate your test automation game and deliver products that truly stand out!

What you’ll learn

  • When and how to adopt a test automation strategy in the SDLC
  • How testing on real devices with advanced use cases can elevate user experience
  • Best practices for implementing CI/CD
  • Guidelines for selecting test framework and designing test cases