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The evolution of QA at Gojek

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Prasanta Biswas
Test Engineering Manager, Gojek
Prasanta loves to build scalable test automation frameworks, tools and teams. He played a key role In Gojek’s journey from outsourced QA to mature QA organisation
Rahul Lakhanpal
Global head - Product Marketing, BrowserStack
Rahul has 14+ years of experience in product strategy. He is passionate about working with development and user experience teams to build intuitive software solutions based on market needs


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Prasanta talked about the Automation Engineering Platform that was built to provide quality engineering as a service to the entire organisation.

He walked us through the functionalities of the centralized release experience team that was set up to own any product releases at Gojek.

Finally, Prasanta focused on the QA Community that they built out at Gojek to carve out career paths for their QAs through L&D, Newsletters, QA processes and more.