App Automation Testing on Real Device

Elevate your app's reliability and user satisfaction by leveraging app automation testing on Real devices.
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Automating App Testing on Real Devices


Unlock seamless app experiences across all devices and browsers with App Automate – BrowserStack’s automated mobile app testing solution.  Test on real devices on the cloud sans the infrastructure cost of investing in physical devices to improve app quality.

Why Perform Mobile Testing on Real Device?

Maximize your app’s potential by testing under real-world scenarios, ensuring unmatched user experiences across all devices.

  • Testing in Real User Conditions: Using real devices allows you to test how your app behaves in real conditions. It allows you to tailor end-user experience in real-time, based on location data and optimize app performance for different network conditions.
  • Faster Bug Reproduction: Real devices help in exactly replicating the user issues. Identifying the exact issues helps in resolving them faster.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Utilizing real devices enables exhaustive testing on various fronts such as functionality, performance, usability, and security. It helps in ensuring its reliability and consistent functionality across diverse settings.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By testing on real devices, developers can ensure the app delivers a superior user experience by identifying device-specific bugs before moving it to production.

How does App Automate Testing on Real Device Cloud Work?


  1. Login to BrowserStack App Automate
  2. Choose your preferred framework and language
  3. Run a sample build 
  4. Integrate Your Test Suite with BrowserStack
  5. Start Testing on our Real device cloud. Read more.


Choose from 3000+ real device combinations

Test your native and hybrid apps on over 3000+ real iOS and Android devices

Parallel Testing

Increase build times by over 10x with BrowserStack’s parallel testing, for faster updates and quicker developer feedback.

Security & Privacy

Tests are conducted securely on secure physical devices and desktop VMs, which are thoroughly cleared of data after each session.

Test Gestures and interactions

Effortlessly automate gestures and touch actions such as tap, swipe, scroll, and more on our remote devices, enabling a seamless testing experience that closely mimics real user interactions.

Geolocation testing

GPS Geolocation testing lets you test app scenarios by simulating device locations with specific coordinates.

Push Notifications

Test Push Notifications on your app and ensure seamless user engagement and interaction.

Pre-loaded images

Pre-loaded images in the BrowserStack device gallery make it easier to test image-related workflows.

Network Simulation

Test your app’s performance across different network conditions by simulating speeds like 2G or 3G, adjusting for bandwidth, latency, and packet loss, from a default stable WiFi setting.

Test Dependent Apps

Install and test up to three dependent apps on one device.

In-app Purchase Testing

Easily test in-app purchases on BrowserStack for both Android and iOS. Test without concerns as every device is cleared after each session for security.

Google Pay

Test the full Google Pay flow in your app on BrowserStack devices by logging in with Play Store credentials which will be wiped out after each test session.


Adjust device timezones as needed for your tests enabling precise simulation of global user interactions. 

Upload Custom Media Files

Incorporate custom media into your tests by uploading your images and videos to BrowserStack servers for a more tailored testing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Android apps on different real devices ensures that your app is compatible across different devices. It also helps identify and track bugs related to responsiveness, network, etc thereby ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

iOS app testing on real devices is essential for capturing the true user experience. Despite the controlled ecosystem of Apple devices, variations in device models, screen sizes, and OS versions can lead to different app behaviors. 

Real-device testing enables you to assess app performance, battery usage, notifications, interactions with other apps and device features. It ensures that the app delivers a consistent and high-quality experience across all Apple devices.

Real Device testing uses physical devices for hands-on app evaluation, offering insights into real-world performance. Real Device Cloud allows remote testing on actual devices via the internet, combining the authenticity of real device testing with the convenience, scalability, and accessibility of cloud services, eliminating the need for a physical device inventory.

Yes, real devices are hosted on cloud-based servers, making sure they are always accessible online.

Testing apps on real devices allows QA to monitor how their software behaves in real user conditions. For example, testing on a real device allows QAs to observe how an app would operate when the device is on low battery. Or, they can monitor, with geolocation testing, how an app responds in different geographical areas. Since users demand a flawless experience every time they use an app or website, there is no better option than testing on a real device cloud.

Additionally, a real device cloud offers all the benefits of an in-house real mobile lab without requiring any of the effort or expense of setting up such a lab.

BrowserStack gives you access to a personal cloud with real mobile devices for testing websites and apps on demand. You can test on 3000+ real devices. It stays up-to-date with the latest Android and iOS devices, including but not limited to iPhones, Pixel, and Samsung Galaxies.

App Automation Testing on Real Device

Elevate your app's reliability and user satisfaction by leveraging app automation testing on Real devices.