iOS App Automation Testing

Enhance your app's quality and efficiency with automated iOS testing tailored for seamless performance across various devices, and scenarios.
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iOS App Automation Testing

Get streamlined iOS app testing, exceptional performance, and compatibility across all iOS devices and iOS versions. It helps in efficient bug identification and resolution for unmatched app quality and user experience.

Ios automation testing

Why Perform Automation Testing For iOS Apps?

Automation testing for iOS apps accelerates the testing cycle, allowing for more tests in less time, which is crucial given the diversity of Apple’s ecosystem. It ensures a consistent user experience by systematically verifying app performance, security, and usability across all iOS versions and devices.

  • iOS Market Share: Automating iOS app testing leverages the substantial market presence of iOS devices, ensuring your app reaches a wide audience with optimized performance and user experience.
  • OS and Device Fragmentation: iOS app automation testing addresses the challenge of iOS’s diverse ecosystem, testing across multiple device models and OS versions to guarantee compatibility and a seamless experience for all users.
  • Security: Automated tests can rigorously assess app security features against potential vulnerabilities to maintain high security standards expected on iOS devices and protect user data.
  • Performance Validation: It verifies your iOS app’s performance like speed, responsiveness and stability, under various conditions ensuring superior user experience.
  • Adherence to Apple’s Guidelines: iOS app test automation helps ensure your app complies with Apple’s strict app development guidelines, increasing the likelihood of app approval during the review process and maintaining the quality standards set by Apple.

How Does Automation Testing For iOS Apps Work?


  • Login to BrowserStack App Automate
  • Choose your preferred framework and language
  • Run a sample build 
  • Integrate Your Test Suite with BrowserStack
  • Run Tests on different iOS devices. Read more


Choose from different iOS devices

Test on real iOS devices, from iPhone 15 to iPhone 6s, including iPad models like Pro 12 and Air. This guarantees that your app is efficiently tested on the most appropriate hardware and iOS version.

Test on latest and legacy iOS versions

Benefit from testing in up to 30 iOS versions, from the newest 17.3 to the oldest version 3, for comprehensive coverage and reliability.

Parallel Testing

Increase build times by over 10x with BrowserStack’s parallel testing, for faster updates and quicker developer feedback.

Security & Privacy

Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session. Read more about security.

Test Gestures and interactions

Effortlessly automate gestures and touch actions such as tap, swipe, scroll, and more on our remote devices, enabling a seamless testing experience that closely mimics real user interactions.

Geolocation testing

GPS Geolocation testing lets you test app scenarios by simulating device locations with specific coordinates.

Push Notifications

Test Push Notifications on your app and ensure seamless user engagement and interaction.

Pre-loaded images

Pre-loaded images in the BrowserStack device gallery make it easier to test image-related workflows.

Network Simulation

Test your app’s performance across different network conditions by simulating speeds like 2G or 3G, adjusting for bandwidth, latency, and packet loss, from a default stable WiFi setting.

Test Dependent Apps

Install and test up to three dependent apps on one device.

In-app Purchase Testing

Easily test in-app purchases on BrowserStack for both Android and iOS. Test without concerns as every device is cleared after each session for security.


Adjust device timezones as needed for your tests enabling precise simulation of global user interactions.

Upload Custom Media Files

Incorporate custom media into your tests by uploading your images and videos to BrowserStack servers for a more tailored testing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, BrowserStack’s App Automate enables iOS app automation testing on a real device cloud, offering parallel testing to significantly cut build times by over 10x for quicker market releases.

You can find the complete list of BrowserStack-supported devices for iOS app automated testing here.

BrowserStack’s App Automate for iOS app test automation supports integration with a variety of frameworks, including Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Flutter, and Detox. This broad range of supported frameworks allows you to choose the most suitable tool for your testing needs, ensuring efficient and effective automation of your iOS apps.

Yes, you can perform automated iOS app testing on older iOS versions and devices with BrowserStack. Our platform supports a wide range of real devices, including older models such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 6s, with iOS versions supported up to version 3. This comprehensive device and version coverage ensures thorough testing for compatibility and performance across different generations of iOS devices.

Yes, BrowserStack supports iOS app test automation across a comprehensive selection of real devices, including the latest models like the iPhone 17, 16, 15, 14, and 13 Pro Max. Our platform also includes various iPad models like the iPad Pro 12, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, all running on the most current iOS versions to ensure thorough testing coverage.

BrowserStack offers automation testing for iOS apps on a wide array of iOS versions, from the newest 17.3 down to the earliest supported version, 3. This extensive range, encompassing 30 different iOS versions, ensures your app can be thoroughly tested for compatibility and performance across the entire spectrum of iOS devices.

iOS App Automation Testing

Elevate your iOS app's reliability and user satisfaction by leveraging iOS app automation testing on Real devices.