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Automated Functional Testing Made Easy

Fast Execution

Every time a developer submits a PR, teams need to run functional tests that execute quickly and provide immediate feedback. As organizations scale, achieving fast test execution times becomes a problem.

But not when you have a cloud infrastructure like BrowserStack:
  • You can run hundreds of tests in parallel.
  • Running in parellel reduces overall test suite execution time from hours to minutes.

Fast Execution using Automated Functional Testing

Great Coverage

Great Coverage for Functional Testing

Every user accesses your website or mobile app from a different browser or device—and expects a seamless experience. Always. With such a highly fragmented device/browser market, testing on every combination seems impossible…

But BrowserStack makes it easy. You can access our cloud of 3000+ real devices and browsers to make sure your tests cover all mobile devices.

CI/CD Integration

A great functional test suite is useless if it is not part of your CI/CD pipeline. The functional test suite needs to provide quick feedback on the quality of every build so that developers can focus on fixing bugs instead of waiting for tests to complete.

We’ve got integrations with every major CI/CD tool like Jenkins, TeamCity, etc. These integrations help:
  • Manage your BrowserStack credentials globally or per build job.
  • Set up and teardown BrowserStack Local to test on our cloud from internal, dev or staging environments.
  • Embed BrowserStack Automate reports in your job results.

CI CD Pipeline

Powerful Debugging

Powerful Debugging for Automated Functional Testing

To properly analyze the results of a functional test, developers need the right debugging tools. For example, text logs (steps executed during the test), visual logs (screenshots), console logs (the browser’s console output), network logs(performance data like network traffic, latency, etc.), video recordings, Appium logs, and raw system logs.

Retrieving each of these logs separately can be a time-consuming process, so BrowserStack makes it easy.
  • Every time you run a test, all these logs are instantly available!
  • There’s even an interactive session where you can take control of the test as it executes.

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