Stay release ready with Regression Testing

Maintain quality throughout release cycles. Scale your regression tests with BrowserStack.

Regression Testing

An infrastructure that scales with your test suites

Repeated regression testing helps find application failures, well before release deadlines. But as your application grows, so does your regression test suite. With BrowserStack, you get an infrastructure of 3000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers on the cloud, capable of executing tests and deliver feedback in time, every time.


Eliminate flakiness

With BrowserStack, your tests fail only when they find an error in the application or test script, and never from unavailable browsers or devices. No more false positives.

Eliminate Flakiness

Get feedback faster

With parallel execution, you get test feedback in minutes. Distribute your regression tests across hundreds of parallels and run them all at once.

Faster Feedback

Seamless integration with CI pipelines

Seamless Integration

Find bugs before Master merge. Integrate BrowserStack with your CI tool and trigger regression testing across 3000+ desktop browsers and devices at every pull request.

Works out of the box

BrowserStack integrates with every major automation framework like Selenium, Cypress, Appium, Espresso, and more. Just define your devices/browsers and start testing. No setup or maintenance required.

Framework integration

Manual regression testing for edge cases

Yet to automate the trickier test cases? Test them manually on a cloud of 3000+ browsers and devices with BrowserStack Live and App Live.