Pay upto 90% less per Live & App Live user

Unlock uninterrupted access for your entire team or organisation with our company-wide plan, and bid adieu to license hassles for good!

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Global Data Centers
Real Devices & Browsers

Benefits that go beyond just cost savings

Ensure top-notch quality with a simplified plan, a predictable budget, and more, once and for all.

Managing licenses made easy

With the company-wide plan, you simply add users to your BrowserStack account and never have to worry about licenses again. Say goodbye to license hassles
for good.

Managing Licenses made easy
Spend upto 90% less

Spend up to 90% less per user!

Pay significantly less per user to ensure uninterrupted access without hurting the budget. This means everyone in your organisation has instant access to Live & App Live.

Instantly resolve production bugs

Production bugs come unannounced. Empower your devs & support engineers with uninterrupted access to Live & App Live so they can reproduce & fix bugs as soon as they are reported.

Instantly resolve production bugs
Grow Frictionlessly

Grow frictionlessly

No need to stress over extra licenses as your teams grow. Thanks to our company-wide plan, everyone gets access, whether they’re already onboard or joining down the road.

World’s #1 test platform for your entire org

Real Device Cloud

Test your web & mobile apps on 20,000+ real Android and iOS devices, as well as new and old browser versions on Windows and macOS.

Test dev environments

Test your apps hosted on internal development and staging environments, with zero setup or configuration.

Test Real World Cases

Test real-world cases

Test all scenarios with features such as Apple Pay, Biometric Authentication, Media upload & download, GPS, and many more.

Enterprise-class features

Our company-wide plans are built to make large teams successful and ship with confidence.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On

Leverage SSO and simplify the login experience for your teams.

Advanced Access Control

Advanced Access Control

Create sub-teams & allocate parallel threads to teams based on their testing needs.

Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics

Enable teams to plan and optimize test runs based on their BrowserStack usage.

Get Live & App Live for everyone

End license hassles forever