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Docker Selenium vs Cloud Selenium for Website and App Testing

Testing you mobile app on iOS Emulator

By utilizing Docker containers, users and set up and package software applications with all elements required to build the said application. This includes databases, libraries, and other dependencies. If you dockerize Selenium tests, there are a number of limitations you will face while testing software in real world conditions. In order to smoothly and effectively test your websites and apps across real world scenarios, it is essential to use a cloud-based Selenium grid connected to real devices

Dockerize Selenium vs Cloud Selenium Comparison


Use the differences between Selenium Docker and Selenium Cloud to help you determine what features and functionality to test in Selenium Docker and what to test on Selenium Cloud.

Selenium DockerBrowserStack Selenium Cloud
SetupWhile useful for automated testing, users have to download, install and set up relevant Docker containers before running any tests.Since the Selenium grid is on the cloud, minimal download and setup is required.
Access LevelIt does not necessarily provide access to real devices for testing.Provides access to real desktop and mobile devices equipped with real operating systems, multiple versions of real browsers and all device features.
User InterfaceSince it is designed to host applications that run on the command line, it is difficult to run a graphical interface within a Docker container. For applications with rich interfaces, Docker is an inadequate solution.Testing on real devices ensures that a website or application can access all features that the device provides. This works well for apps and sites with rich interfaces.
FeasibilityIt is not possible to test the cross platform compatibility of a website or app in one single Docker container. To test on multiple platforms, multiple containers have to be set up, each with a different OS.Every real device provided by the cloud Selenium grid is equipped to support multiple browsers, browser versions and operating systems. One can switch between OS and browsers with a few clicks. Thus, it is easy to test not just cross-platform compatibility, but also cross-browser compatibility.

Upgrade your tests with a Selenium Grid on Cloud

By migrating automated testing to a Selenium Cloud, the software development process becomes notably refined. Make things smoother for the entire testing lifecycle and eliminate pain points by choosing a platform that is designed for developers. Deliver quality software with ease and within competitive deadlines. Ship with confidence, every time.