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Our Real Device Cloud gives you real results

  • Testing on simulators/emulators is an accident waiting to happen in production
    • Simulators and emulators cannot accurately reproduce the underlying hardware or functionality of real devices, resulting in unreliable test results and leads to bugs in production. Our customers avoid this by testing on 3000+ real browsers and devices on our Real Device Cloud

“Browser emulators are great for testing a site's responsiveness, but they don't emulate differences in API, CSS support, and certain behaviours that you'd see on a mobile browser. Test your site on browsers running on real devices to be certain everything behaves as expected.”

Google Chrome DevTools Documentation

Test in the real-world context with native device features

  • BrowserStack offers access to a wide variety of native device features such as camera, biometrics, gestures, and GPS, features you can’t test on emulators or simulators.
  • Test how your apps respond to real user scenarios like payment workflows, localization changes, and more.

Netwrok Simulation

Industry leading test infrastructure

15 Global DCs for unrivaled performance and scalability

  • BrowserStack’s competitors offer far fewer data centers and struggle to match the performance, scalability, and reliability of our cloud.
  • Global DCs allow us to move the devices closer to you, offering lower latency and better performance.
  • The massive capacity of BrowserStack’s cloud infrastructure allows customers to run thousands of tests on-demand, without any pre-booking of devices or browsers.
  • Test with confidence on a fully redundant platform that gives 24/7 device availability and 99.9% uptime.

Products for all kinds of testing

  • With support for all types of testing, from manual web testing to visual regression testing, BrowserStack has you covered.
  • BrowserStack is the developer’s platform of choice, as we integrate seamlessly with their existing set up, enabling them to test with their preferred languages and frameworks.
  • BrowserStack supports the widest range of frameworks amongst cloud testing platforms, including: Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Puppeteer, Playwright, TestCafe and more.

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Get 30 days of unlimited access worth $5000

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