Geolocation testing of your mobile apps and websites

Test on 2,000+ real devices and desktop browsers from any location using GPS and IP geolocation.

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Test location-based scenarios using GPS and IP geolocation


Test that your mobile app triggers the right notification when a user crosses a predefined geographical perimeter.



Check if language, currency, time and spelling correctly adapt based on the location.



Verify that your mobile app or website delivers content localized to a user’s location. Check your SEO and app rankings in different countries.


Test if your website or mobile app tags the right location to media, such as photos, videos and social posts. Test if your users are able to find the geotagged media.



Test the functionality of your “geoblocks,” ensuring user access to your website or mobile app is restricted based on user location.

All your geolocation testing needs in one place

GPS geolocation

Set any real device to an exact location, using geographic coordinates or Google Maps.

IP geolocation

Simulate user behavior from different locations by testing with secure, private IPs hosted in 45+ countries around the world.

Worldwide locations

Choose from our exhaustive coverage of GPS & IP locations.

Real Device Cloud

Test on a range of physical Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets for the most accurate results.

Extensive browser coverage

Instant access to 2000+ browsers on a range of Windows and macOS platforms.

Works out of the box

Zero setup and zero maintenance to speed up releases.