Optimize your mobile apps for great performance

Ensure optimal resource utilization and stability for every app with performance testing.

Get visibility into critical mobile app performance parameters

Test your app’s performance in the face of predetermined failure conditions. Isolate faulty code and ensure you only ship high-performance mobile apps.

Inspect CPU usage

Monitor your app’s CPU consumption for spikes or prolonged excessive usage. Compare app CPU usage against system CPU usage and ensure your app doesn’t degrade device performance.

Manage memory usage

Find out precisely how much memory your app consumes. Compare system memory used, system memory available, and your app’s memory usage. Detect memory leaks in advance and prevent app crashes.

Analyze battery usage

Narrow down on tasks that consume too much battery power or cause battery drain. Check device temperature and battery charge percentage to ensure apps consume only the optimal amount of battery power—and no more.

Examine bandwidth consumption

Check bandwidth consumption during runtime and inactivity. Monitor upload and download speeds. Achieve maximum efficiency by identifying and eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks.

Simulate network conditions

Profile app performance and behaviour over varying network conditions like poor connectivity and fluctuating or throttled network. Choose between preset (2G, 2G, or 4G) or custom network profiles.