BrowserStack and Appium Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Mobile App Automation Testing

DUBLIN — June 11, 2024—BrowserStack, the leading platform for web and mobile app testing, and Appium, the open-source framework for automation testing of native, mobile web, and hybrid applications, today announced a strategic partnership to bolster mobile app testing across the QA and developer communities. 

This collaboration aims to significantly enhance the real device testing experience on BrowserStack’s cloud infrastructure while allowing Appium to strategically develop new features for its open-source community.

Appium is one of the most prominent native app automation testing frameworks supported by BrowserStack. Currently, over 95% of all mobile app automation tests are being run using Appium on BrowserStack’s cloud infrastructure. 

BrowserStack has consistently supported the latest advancements in Appium’s architecture, ensuring a seamless testing environment for its users. This includes ongoing efforts to:

  • Support the latest versions of Appium
  • Optimize test execution times
  • Streamline Appium-based testing with initiatives like SDKs and capabilities builder to let users set up their native app tests in minutes
  • Deliver a comprehensive debugging suite with advanced features like interactive debugging and video logs

“BrowserStack is well-known in the software quality space for their wide range of testing services, including extensive coverage of Appium SDKs across various frameworks and languages,” said Edgars Eglītis, Core Maintainer, Appium.“Appium is thrilled to partner with BrowserStack in further advancing software testing around the world. We immensely value BrowserStack’s contribution to the Appium community and look forward to the continued evolution of the ecosystem.”

BrowserStack’s suite of app testing products is uniquely optimized for Appium, providing unparalleled integration and ease of use. This partnership will further strengthen the following offerings:

  • App Automate: Platform for running mobile app-based functional tests 
  • App Percy: Platform for streamlining visual regression testing
  • App Accessibility: Platform for ensuring accessibility compliance for native mobile apps

As a token of this collaboration, BrowserStack is extending a special premium access to BrowserStack App Automate product to Appium users. Discover more about this incredible offer here.

This partnership underscores BrowserStack’s dedication to supporting and investing in open-source projects, driving innovation and excellence in software testing. With Appium as the undisputed leader in native mobile app testing, BrowserStack aims to create a larger impact with this powerful synergy.

About BrowserStack
BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform for both web and mobile apps, powering over two million tests every day across 19 global data centers. BrowserStack helps developers deliver quality software at speed by providing instant access to 20,000+ real Android and iOS devices on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure.

About Appium
Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. It is a robust and reliable testing framework that supports multiple programming languages and testing frameworks, making it a preferred choice for mobile app developers worldwide.

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