Test in Real User Conditions

Go beyond browser/OS compatibility. Test for
real world context with BrowserStack.

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GPS and IP Geolocation

Tailor end-user experience in real-time, based on location data.


Are the right notifications triggered when users cross a defined perimeter?


Does the app refresh to show relevant content for the user’s current location?


Does your web/mobile app tag the right location to media?


Does your web/mobile app restrict access to content based on location?

Network simulation

Netwrok Simulation

Optimize site and app performance for any network condition. Test your UI and functionalities in:

  • Preset network profiles: Test on 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • Custom network profiles: Adjust bandwidth, latency and packet loss.

Localization features

Adapt your mobile experience for international users. Configure device locale settings and test:

  • Timezones: See how changing device time affects your app’s logic.
  • Language: See how changing device language affects content, input language etc.

Localization features

Payment workflows

Payment Workflows

Ensure error free payments by testing:

  • In-app purchases: See if premium app features become available after purchases through Play Store and App Store.
  • Google Pay flow: Ensure a working integration with Google Pay.

Natural interactions

Natural Interactions

Interact with the remote device, just as you would with a device in hand. Test web and mobile app behavior in different:

  • Device orientations: See how the front-end adapts to fit landscape and portrait modes.
  • Touch gestures: Test UI response to interactions like tap, scroll, zoom, swipe, and more.

Apps and system interactions

Test how your apps behave with other apps and the operating system on users’ devices. Test:

  • Push notifications: Test triggers, delivery and user controls on real iOS and Android devices.
  • Inter-app dependencies: Verify that users are prompted to install an app when needed.

Apps and System Interactions