Test apps and websites in your local environments

Securely test websites and mobile apps, hosted on local or staging environments, with BrowserStack Local.

Local Testing

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BrowserStack Local Testing

Local Testing creates a secure, persistent tunnel between your local development/staging environments and the BrowserStack Cloud. With Local Testing, all your web and mobile apps can be tested out of the box, including those hosted on localhost, behind proxies and firewalls and much more.


Test websites and apps hosted on internal servers

Deliver stable, high-quality builds, faster than ever. Enable the QA team to run manual and automated tests at scale—without the overhead of maintaining an in-house grid. With Local Testing, you can:

  • Test multiple branches at once: Find errors before Merge. Use multiple binary instances to test different feature branches—at the same time.
  • Make your own zero-touch automation pipeline on CI: Use language bindings to trigger build verification tests at every compile, through Local Testing.


Test code and assets on your local machine


Test websites and mobile apps for cross-browser and device compatibility—on 3000+ browsers and real mobile devices. Say goodbye to emulators.

With Local Testing, you can test:

  • localhost websites: Resolve traffic from remote browsers through your machine.
  • HTML folders: Specify a directory and see how your HTML files render without hosting them.

Test from within your network security protocols

Keep your work under wraps till its time to release. Once a Local Testing connection is established, you can test websites and apps on our Cloud without compromising your team’s network security protocols:

  • Proxies (remote, multiple, PAC)
  • Firewalls
  • VPNs
  • SSL-encryption

Test from within your network security protocols

Advanced controls for Enterprise

Enable everyone to test at scale, without worrying about enterprise-grade compliance. IP Whitelisting and Advanced Local Testing controls enforce monitoring, logging, and security policies for every user across the organization.