Smart TV automation testing on cloud

Accelerate your Smart TV app development with test automation on the BrowserStack Cloud.

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Parallel Testing

Accelerate your builds by more than 10x by running tests concurrently across multiple Smart TVs.

Remote Control & Focus Management

Navigate your apps by simulating the functionality of a remote control.

IP Geolocation Testing

Test app localization by testing from IP addresses in over 60 countries.

Local Testing

Securely test apps with back-ends hosted on local machines or staging environments

Comprehensive Debugging

Easy debugging with video recordings, logs and test reporting features

Appium Support

Automation becomes easy with a familiar framework. Write Smart TV app tests with Appium.

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Supported Platforms

Fire TV

Available Now

Android TV

Available Now

Apple TV

Available Now


Coming Soon

Achieve more with Smart TV test automation

BrowserStack helps engineering teams deliver apps with amazing customer experience, without compromising on speed.

Improve Customer Experience

Catch every bug with more code coverage. Bugs found in production can cost 30x more to fix than during development.

Reduce Time to Market

Test faster to ship faster. Quality code that isn’t in production could mean your users are missing out on your new features.

Improve Engineering Productivity

Empower developers to focus on priority tasks. Reclaim hours spent with slow manual testing and fixing test infrastructure.

Focus on testing. Not test infrastructure.

BrowserStack eliminates the immense effort needed to develop and maintain a Smart TV testing grid. Rely on us to do the heavy lifting while you focus on testing.

Get instant, on-demand access to our devices for testing. No device reservations necessary.