https://t.co/ci47DZ3wXp is absolutely amazing for mobile testing (thx ???? @regisfoucault @sabbatical @jromanrodriguez) https://t.co/4N2qC5ltMM

Scott Jehl

https://browserstack.com just keeps getting better. So so critical to my workflow these days.


React Router tests are green on Safari, @googlechrome, @firefox, IE 10-11, and Mobile Safari thanks 2 @BrowserStack! https://t.co/K2XyRi0NeV

Casey Muratori

OK, so the Live feature of @BrowserStack is pretty awesome for fine-tuning websites. I am a fan so far.

David Bushell

these @BrowserStack real devices are snazzy!

Zach Leatherman

When it comes to testing tools, @BrowserStack is worth its weight in gold. I don’t know how much software weighs—it’s just good basically


If you are not a member on @BrowserStack – https://t.co/enckaWEaXY you are missing out on a terrific tool-set for developers


Just used @BrowserStack‘s local testing. Blew my mind a little.. “how are they doing this witchcraft?”

Andy Mangold

@rustyk5 I really love BrowserStack for testing specific versions of browsers https://t.co/LrTo86bVdC

Kenneth Auchenberg

BrowserStack now allows you to use @ChromeDevTools to debug iOS. https://t.co/EBqaDCXwhf #devtools #remotedebug https://t.co/OTXpC2MNYH

WP Agency

@BrowserStack looks so damn good nowadays

Rich Tabor

On another note, @BrowserStack has gotten some massive improvements since I’ve last been around. Mad kudos.


If your looking for cross browser testing tools, I can recommend @BrowserStack. We used their services during our website redesign. Thanks!

Mr. Coffee

.@BrowserStack is magic

Shane Larrabee

Loving the new experience! https://t.co/sU7ws4PczM

Jason Whitman

Man, @BrowserStack is a sick, slick app. Love it every time I use it.

Rodney Rehm

With all the bitching about flaky Travis/Intern/BrowserStack one has to keep in mind that they still ROCK! esp. the @BrowserStack support.

Rodney Rehm

I’m just reading through a support mail from @BrowserStack and have to say that their support and service is absolutely *INCREDIBLE*! 🙂


Thank you so much @BrowserStack for not making me install Windows and the Internet Explorer. ❤

Adam Onishi

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed fixing browser support issues. A combination of the awesomeness of CSS & @BrowserStack local

Rob Blake

The new @BrowserStack in-browser experience is an absolute joy. Well done! I’ll never have to boot Windows again! #Ubuntu #opensource


Wow, @BrowserStack had an update since I last used it, and it is now completely and utterly fantastic. I can’t believe this exists 0_o

Mark Hamstra

Took the whole of 2 minutes of testing to fall in love with @BrowserStack – this is going to be very, very, *very* useful.

Jonathan Kim

Wow, @BrowserStack‘s new Live product just blew my mind. Amazing product execution to make something once frustrating feel so simple. 👏👏👏

Gustavo Siqueira 

gotta say, the new browserstack is pretty cool

Honza Sládek

Impressed by the redesigned interface of https://browserstack.com Definitely an upgrade! #happyuser

Ollie Wells

Loving the new @BrowserStack live feature. Native experience on remote browsers. Brilliant. https://browserstack.com

Bram Willemse

The redesign of @BrowserStack is the compliment it’s speed-upgrade needed. What a tool! #kudos https://browserstack.com


Our developers have found a new best friend when it comes to online testing! Thanks @BrowserStack

Thomas Zilliox

@laut3rry <3 <3 <3 @BrowserStack Je n’imagine plus ma vie sans lui 😛

Thomas Zilliox

I am now a @BrowserStack Live & Screenshot customer! Not cheap, but these great products are saving me a lot of time https://browserstack.com

Matty Boom Batty

The new @BrowserStack Live is top notch!

Derek Johnson

I did a bit of research on our sites at work and this is pretty much spot on with what I found https://t.co/slM9OlwSeY

Bart Verkoeijen

Actual device testing with #DevTools integration of @BrowserStack was super handy to get to the bottom of an obscure bug in Safari. Thanks!


Did I mention the new Browserstack is awesome? It is so good that you almost forget it is in fact a browser in a vm in a browser.

Justin Putney

How to test your sites on Internet Explorer & mobile devices with @BrowserStackhttps://t.co/nxL0qdVmyn via @lynda https://t.co/uNsW8vop5I


.@BrowserStack excellent service!


Ooo new browserstack design. Shiny

Daniel Groves

The new @BrowserStack interface is rather nice. Good job!

Mike Pritchard

@BrowserStack Having iOS devices, and a hangar with thousands of iOS devices are a bit different! Good stuff, you guys. Your service rocks!

Steve Pike

Just used @BrowserStack for the first time… Whaaaaat?! Local address resolution?! Holy shit I’m in the future.

Paul Franklin

We would like to thank BrowserStack for helping with the continued development of the Ark Editor: https://browserstack.com

Josh Devlin

.@BrowserStack is amazing – being able to use any version of any browser (without leaving my browser) is the best!

Alex Ward (Al)

Wow @BrowserStack has come a LONG way since I used it last. It’s genuinely useful to me now!

David van Leeuwen

The new @BrowserStack is bad ass, especially the mobile devices 😀

Andrew Meyer

Dear @BrowserStack, thank you. You are so helpful.


.@BrowserStack has some top notch customer service.

Eugene Fedorenko

Can’t be happier with @BrowserStack. The tools they provide are so good I removed all testing VMs and never looked back.

Matthias Günther

Browserstack seems to be a very good piece of developed software – nice UI and tons of settings.

Hertzel Armengol

I TRULY love @BrowserStack is :uber awesome !

Brandon Carroll

After lots of experimenting, @BrowserStack is my current recommendation for #browsertesting, fairly seamless, fast, no fussing with VMs.

Luke Askew

.@BrowserStack is incredibly impressive. They’ve done a great job continually improving their product. Love it.

Eric Thompson

Sometimes @BrowserStack feels like I am wielding a dark magic. As in it’s so good I am going to now have some sort of karmic debt.

Alan Camuto

Take a look at https://t.co/bhiRVS0h8b if you’re not familiar with it. Great tool for cross-browser/cross-platform web development checking.

Phil Ricketts ★

Browserstack, where have you been all my life??


Spent all afternoon wrestling with arcane Windows VPN settings, then gave up and used Browserstack instead. Took 30 mins. 😐

Chris Dhanaraj

Looked at @BrowserStack for the first time in about a year and a half and wow! Huge difference, really well done.

Michael Foukarakis

@BrowserStack looks like a pretty awesome testing tool. Snappy, accurate as far as I could tell. Neat!

Michael Babcock

@SteveJBurge @BrowserStack We use @BrowserStack. It’s solid. Love their service.

Alicia St Rose

Browserstack, you delight in every way! Thank you for this guideline: Test on the right mobile devices https://t.co/5U4iSIJzYL

Alicia St Rose

@BrowserStack I am madly in love with you now! Testing a local site on MacBook Pro is easy and magical! Thank you!

Kushal Likhi

BrowserStack local testing is awesome!! loved it! @BrowserStack

Mike Griffith

.@BrowserStack real android/iOS devices are awesome. Lag is totally acceptable for what it’s doing. Give it a try. #greatfeatsofengineering

Andy Howells

@DroidPinkman get yourself over to browserstack mate, local testing is on there if needed.

Andrew Holgate

Now part of our daily used tools, @BrowserStack is outstanding, and so is the customer support.

Dan Ormisher

To every dev team that has a load of VM’s setup to do browser testing – sack it off and use @BrowserStack it’s ace

Kevin Thornbloom

FYI, @BrowserStack is amazeballs. Didn’t know you could also test local files on their remote machines.

Adam Howard

@BrowserStack Have I told you lately, that I love you? #easemytroubles #thatswhatyoudo

Alex Hocken

Really impressed with the changes that @BrowserStack has made.

Patrick Bell

Just found @BrowserStack can do local testing in a few clicks. Sold.

Chris Graham

I’m genuinely impressed by @BrowserStack (browser testing in the cloud via web-accessible virtual machines)

Matthew Williams

A session of old IE fixes today… it’s all good fun, thank goodness for @BrowserStack for making the job that bit easier working remotely!

Krista Lacida

This tool is like a dream come true for front end designers! https://t.co/dn6APZQNR2 Browser testing in one click.

Jon White

How have I never used browserstack before? I fired a local dev environment at it, expecting it to go “wtf?”, and it worked!

Thyagarajan Delli

@BrowserStack is easily one of the best utility tools for UI testers. Has been a relevation for my team.

Nikolay Kost

@cssunderhood пробовал виртуалку vmware, работает очень медленно и крайне нестабильно. Проще browserstack использовать.

Matt Bessey

@BrowserStack‘s Chrome extension with Pow is changing my life. Local server cross browser testing at the click of a button O_o

Ben Centra

Testing file upload stuff using @BrowserStack, test machines come with sample PDFs and Word docs! #itsthelittlethings

Dane Fetterman

Love browserstack

Big Horror Athens

#devTools for debugging mobile devices in @BrowserStack are just plain awesome. Great job guys.


I have to say @BrowserStack’s local testing capability is a thing of great magic and splendor.

Glen K. Peterson

Oh How I ♥ @BrowserStack Let me count the ways. 1. Don’t need Windows. 2. Don’t need to upgrade test OS’s. 3. Have OSX and many phones too!

Patrik Bóna

I love @BrowserStack. Its simplicity is astonishing!

Mike Hedman

Hey @BrowserStack – my tests weren’t perfect, but your tech support was! Thanks folks for getting me up and running.

Emre Özdemir

@BrowserStack is my new awesome web development tool, thanx i liked it so much 🙂

Esteban Utz

Testing sites with @BrowserStack is actually fun! #browsertesting #nerd

Robert Svallin

The new (its been around a while) @BrowserStack is pretty nifty. Testing local websites is easier than previously. Great stuff! #webdev

Scott Bauer

@BrowserStack, you guys rock! Just saved me hours of work by being able to nail down a Firefox 35 + OS X bug in 5 minutes!

Niels Kr. Skovmand

https://t.co/SqhyNvqhij is simply perfect for testing cross platform. I’m amazed… https://t.co/SpNlqYSoCc

Thanos K

If someone for whatever reason wants to get me a present, I’d love a @BrowserStack subscription. ???? #forreasons #devlife #coding

Mirlinda KosovaAlija

Website testing with @BrowserStack is actually quite fun! The animation of the device being plugged in while testing, great! #browsertesting

Luke Lowrey

Oh @BrowserStack, you are so magic.

Chris Goelkel

I love Browserstack! If you haven’t checked it out your missing out as a developer! https://t.co/UA6IeK73OB

Christopher Winand

Who’s got two thumbs and loves @BrowserStack? This guy 👍👍


Hey @BrowserStack, I just want to say thanks! Testing local files on browserstack couldn’t be any better than it already is.


@BrowserStack is so ridiculously awesome. I <3 the way it shows the physical device lol. #thelittlethings https://t.co/ZeakGdor3i