• Scott Hanselman

    @BrowserStack @DevDocs @bradwilson looking forward to it!

  • Elijah Manor

    Enjoying @BrowserStack to quickly test things in IE8 to make sure they break accordingly ;)

  • Joe Hewitt

    mmmm http://browserstack.com where were you all my life

  • IE Dev Chat

    New on http://browserstack.com See how your site looks across 10 different devices, from Windows to Mac to Android courtesy of @BrowserStack

  • Trent Walton

    Thrilled with these new @BrowserStack Chrome and Firefox extensions for local testing: http://browserstack.com

  • TJ Holowaychuk

    browserstack is such a joy to use for tunneled x-browser testing <3

  • Beyond The Desktop

    "http://browserstack.com best $20 you'll ever spend." @reybango #BDConf +@BrowserStack

  • Adam Rogas

    @BrowserStack this is one of the most useful development tools I have ever used... You guys rock. #worksmarter

  • Scott Jehl

    @TrentWalton @BrowserStack yeah, they do work really well.

  • Scott Jehl

    Nice! Browserstack updated their local tunnel setup workflow and now it's really fast to start in Chrome (I used to use the cmd line script)

  • Elementary Digital

    Development team enjoying the delights of @BrowserStack today, who would of thought they'd get so excited!

  • andy brudtkuhl

    @BrowserStack is one of the coolest services in the web dev toolbox

  • Robin Blandford

    http://browserstack.com is so cool. What a product.

  • Tu Windows 8

    SharePoint Team Finds BrowserStack Invaluable http://browserstack.com

  • Dirty Mouse

    Playing with @BrowserStack - tools like this pay for themselves in the time they save you. Very nice.

  • Nick Swan

    BrowserStack is friggin amazing!

  • Umi Fadilah W. Syam

    The coolest thing ever: "BrowserStack screenshot automation". Way to go @IE! http://browserstack.com

  • Eric Case

    Hey @BrowserStack, you are amazing. /cc @connor

  • Michael R Murphy

    I think @BrowserStack just changed my life! Why did I wait so long?

  • David Galbraith

    Browserstack is the best tool I've used for multiple browser/OS testing: http://browserstack.com

  • Panda Splash

    Developers Corner: We LOVE @BrowserStack it gives us a nice unified testing ground to instantly see feedback from our responsive design.

  • Curtis Morte

    @BrowserStack your service is amazing.

  • Justuno.com

    @BrowserStack is saving us right now. A must tool for #browsertesting #productlaunch Worth every penny, thanks!

  • Josh Duncan

    @BrowserStack is my new hero

  • Louis Nel

    I love @BrowserStack! It makes web browser testing a breeze. #webtoolsthatrock

  • Martin Høgh

    Responsive testing in @BrowserStack is so damn cool.

  • PechaKucha Sheffield

    "Web Developers, this tool is a life saver for testing your website before launch http://browserstack.com @IMMDesigns #PK360Photographer

  • Coggle

    We just pushed an update that should improve performance for IE10 users - thanks to @BrowserStack!

  • Chris Ruppel

    @BrowserStack continues to improve an already amazing testing tool. I have no idea how I'd do my job without it.

  • Noah Coffey

    This might be the coolest web browser testing tool I've seen in a while: rapid cross-browser screen shots: http://browserstack.com

  • Mike Stenhouse

    Wow, BrowserStack is really, really, really good...

  • Drew Schiller

    Just finished some IE7+8 debugging...used to drive me mad with rage. Now made *almost* painless thanks to @BrowserStack!

  • Shannon Mølhave

    Helpful and responsive support departments are THE BEST. Thank you for be awesome @BrowserStack!

  • Shannon Mølhave

    Nice, @BrowserStack's revamped local testing is SO MUCH faster than before, nice job guys!

  • Genki Takiuchi

    Has purchased BrowserStack

  • Nathaniel Flick

    BrowserStack rocks for testing.

  • Doug Odegaard

    Just used the BrowserStack extension in Visual Studio to hit IE 9 for a bug. Seriously this is the best thing since hot, sliced bread

  • Paul Silver

    First time using @BrowserStack to check a client site in a browser I haven't got (IE10.) Seriously impressive tech & very easy to use

  • Philip Lester

    Blown away by @BrowserStack and how easy it is to test things in every known browsers and OS.

  • Tom Janssens

    @dvaneven at my current client we combine webdriver and @BrowserStack ; highly recommended!

  • Ben Whitman

    Ooh, I like BrowserStack!

  • Mark Hamstra

    Took the whole of 2 minutes of testing to fall in love with @BrowserStack - this is going to be very, very, *very* useful.

  • Dan Humpherson

    @BrowserStack wins over Sauce and Spoon, slightly better performance and easy of use with Browerstack.

  • Luke Hinchliffe

    http://browserstack.com = awesomeness

  • Giles Adam Thomas

    @BrowserStack GREAT! customer service today thanks! #great #saas #product #developers #browsertesting #browser

  • Arne Brasseur

    Have to say though I'm very impressed with @BrowserStack. If u want to support a wide range of browsers you really need something like this

  • Marian Denys Ⓦ

    La plupart des simulateurs Ipad / Iphone en ligne sont faux, Rien à voir avec la réalité au final... @BrowserStack est vraiment le must

  • Jakob Skjerning

    Browserstacks device testing is mighty impressive: http://browserstack.com loving the "View device in actual size" feature

  • Martinha

    Agora o http://browserstack.com tem uma extensão de FF/Chrome para testar sites locais em diversos navegadores <3

  • Alex Cook

    <3 @BrowserStack

  • Jason Mayo

    Just signed up for @BrowserStack, used 15 minutes of my free trial, and going to purchase it. Amazing tool to debug sites...

  • matt kersley

    If you don’t already, use @BrowserStack… their support guy Mukesh was REALLY helpful.

  • Thomas James Slater

    I friggin love http://browserstack.com you guys.

  • Thomas Byttebier

    Browserstack is such a good service.

  • Matt Brown

    The best thing that @IE has ever done is give me 3 free months of @BrowserStack.

  • Chris Field

    @BrowserStack Spotted that the other week - great work, thank you! We find browserstack to be essential at work. Seriously helps us a lot.

  • Vincent Barr

    Browserstack: awesome, fast web app for browser testing. http://browserstack.com

  • Beth Hood

    @BrowserStack All I can say is wow! Amazing tool!

  • Lee Dingain

    Very impressed with @BrowserStack - extremely useful for browser testing. Many thx: http://browserstack.com

  • Adam Winn

    @BrowserStack is amazing

  • Johanna Lindh

    So pleased with @BrowserStack customer service. Thanks for helping me out!

  • Pascal Giroux

    Want to test your website crossbrowser? The best online solution I found yet! #ie #browser #compatibility : http://browserstack.com

  • Stanley Lai

    .@BrowserStack is a superhero. where were you throughout all my previous years of IE VM hand wringing?

  • Seth Rubenstein

    This should be @BrowserStack ’s new slogan. “Hey guys remember when we had to have an IE machine….HAHAHAHA BROWSERSTACK *HIGHFIVE JUMP*”

  • David Meyer

    I love thinking: A co. should exist that does X and then finding it. @BrowserStack rules. Test any Browser / OS combo, tunneling to local.

  • MsRobot0

    @BrowserStack rocks my world

  • Marcelo Somers

    BrowserStack is amazing.

  • Intan Gustiarti

    I ❤ @BrowserStack

  • Mr. Dave

    HOLY CRAP!!! @BrowserStack is f'ing amazing!!!!

  • Amit Upadhyay

    BrowserStack is the most technically awesome company I have worked with. It's like being on non stop rapid fire technical quiz show.

  • karks88

    My review of @BrowserStack http://browserstack.com @trustradius

  • Saurav Shrestha 

    @BrowserStack is all you could ever need for your cross-browser testing

  • LookThink

    We’re trying out @BrowserStack this week - so far we are CRAZY impressed! Really awesome product for #browser / #OS / #device #testing!

  • Martin Evans

    I'm testing a web app I'm developing locally on mulltiple o/s and browsers using @BrowserStack. Frickin awesome test tool.

  • JT

    Ooo new browserstack design. Shiny

  • JT

    Screw it, local VMs are far too painful. @BrowserStack ftw!

  • Antoine Mouliere

    Wooo @BrowserStack ! Your'e just awesome ! #frontend #development http://browserstack.com

  • Patrik Björklund

    http://browserstack.com is pretty amazing. Never thought I would actually test a site on IE6 again. And I didnt expect to do it in 5 minutes

  • lesleyroome

    .@BrowserStack excellent service!

  • Brandon Wanamaker

    Thoroughly impressed w/ @BrowserStack. Cross-browser testing is super simple and quick.

  • Jason

    @BrowserStack Can I just say that I love your service? I love your service.

  • Marian Posăceanu

    @BrowserStack you guys just rock! / saved me a great deal of time whilst searching for an obscure bug in a responsive layout

  • Jarl Dan

    Wow. I just discovered @BrowserStack this afternoon. If you're designing cross-browser and cross-device, they are *awesome*.

  • Ralph Wintle

    http://browserstack.com - really useful tool for cross browser testing. Just used it to fix a bug! Check it out.

  • Thomas Parslow

    New Local Testing browser extension to @BrowserStack is cool. Testing website on an Android without having to download or setup anything :)

  • Geoffrey

    love using browserstack for screenshot automation and responsive testing

  • masone

    Again: <3 http://browserstack.com

  • chase courington

    Q/A, Jira, bugs...BrowserStack, you my only friend. http://browserstack.com

  • Mo Vengeance

    @BrowserStack - you make my work possible. #thankyoujeebus @ThisIsNansen

  • Beats by @drj

    Thank you once again @BrowserStack local testing.

  • Claudio Gomboli

    BTW this is a powerful tool http://browserstack.com highly recommended!

  • Marnen Laibow-Koser

    @BrowserStack is freaking awesome. Testing a local server in a remote browser is incredible!

  • Tory Hobson

    I think I'm in love with @BrowserStack.

  • Scott Blair

    Good resource for cross browser / platform testing. http://browserstack.com

  • John Ellison

    @BrowserStack - WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? I can't believe I never used this until now. x-browser, x-platform testing? Wow.

  • Dave Kiss

    For anyone who tried to help me find the best way to browser test a few months back, I've found the answer! http://browserstack.com

  • Robert Bavington

    Not sure what I would do without @BrowserStack

  • Walter

    .@BrowserStack has some top notch customer service.

  • Matt Pass

    .@BrowserStack just paid for itself, 10 mins work to track down an IE9 issue, would have been a couple hours of hair pulling work otherwise

  • Jacques Letesson

    @BrowserStack + local tunnel ! Pure awesomeness...

  • Kieran Bamforth

    Tried @BrowserStack. Addicted.

  • Centric Digital

    @BrowserStack drives value to us & our Fortune 500 clients by increasing precision of dozens of responsive web launches a month.

  • Daniel Groves

    The new @BrowserStack interface is rather nice. Good job!

  • Josh Morales

    the localhost feature of @BrowserStack is INCREDIBLE, such a life saver, if you develop web, YOU MUST USE THIS SERVICE!

  • Venkata Koppaka

    Just fixed a crazy old browser issue with @BrowserStack don't know how I would have fixed it otherwise.

  • chrissalzman

    Cannot count the number of hours and VM headaches http://browserstack.com has saved me. Makes browser testing a breeze.

  • James Moberg

    I really like using @BrowserStack. I can use any OS/browser & test websites outside my network using default security settings.

  • James Moberg

    .@BrowserStack helped me rule out a Windows XP/IE8 javascript bug in under a minute. Also helped identify Safari+defer+pagespeed issues.

  • Brett Burwell

    There's no substitute for testing on real devices, but hot damn is @BrowserStack an amazing amazing service.

  • SiteShack Web Design

    @BrowserStack - A life saver as I stumble, race, crawl, leap through a large WordPress site with multiple mobile requirements. Thx!

  • Michael L. Benin

    @BrowserStack you guys rock! Solid dependable service!

  • Doug Steinberg

    Absolutely loving the new issue tracking tool in @BrowserStack This is a huge help for cross-platform #QA.

  • ildar khakimov

    Multi-browser testing through a browser window. So meta, yet so awesome. God bless you browserstack!

  • Paul Martin

    @BrowserStack Your service makes the world a better place. Thank you.

  • Gareth Stokes

    ok, I'm officially in love with http://browserstack.com for testing sites in different browsers / operating systems

  • Kamran Ayub

    Thank God for @BrowserStack

  • Andrew Del Prete

    @BrowserStack - You saved my development career once again. Thank you for your services to humanity.

  • Adam Brewer


  • Sebastien Paul πtt°

    .@BrowserStack === "Awesomeness" <3

  • Shane McDonald

    Whoa. BrowserStack has made local testing silly simple.

  • Richard Brook

    I literally don’t know what I’d do without @BrowserStack

  • Sharbel Lutfallah

    Kudos to @BrowserStack for sending me an email with tips on improving our integration tests based on logs they saw #greatSupport #selenium

  • Sharbel Lutfallah

    Props to @BrowserStack, they really made it simple to get started in remote #selenium automated testing.

  • Josh Rounsville

    Has there ever been anything better than @BrowserStack? No? I didn't think so.

  • Jared Smith

    automating screenshots across OS, browser, device and resolution with browserstack and ruby. this kinda rules

  • Andy Hulme

    Testing local websites on browserstack via their chrome extension has blown my tiny little mind. Well played!

  • James Edmonston

    @BrowserStack I thank you for making IE testing a whole lot easier. #nomorevirtualmachines

  • Christian Senior

    browserstack does it again! It remains one of the most valuable tools in my virtual toolbox

  • Rishi Luchun

    @BrowserStack has got to be the best tool I've come across for browser testing, never have to touch a PC again

  • Daniel Axtens

    @desert_monad Have you tried http://browserstack.com It is the bomb for that. Best recurring expenditure I make, probably equal with GitHub.

  • glenn angelo

    5 minutes using @BrowserStack and it's already better than any virtual testing i've used so far.

  • Nick Banford

    Used @BrowserStack today for the first time. I was blown away, saved me hours of work.

  • / \ |_ ! |\| / \

    love you browserstack

  • Jonathan Schroeder

    @BrowserStack is definitely one of the most needed tools for #webdev in terms of #ui #testing.

  • Mark Jones

    Bug fixing hell today, on the plus side - browserstack is proving a very useful purchase

  • Alexandr Kurilin

    Used @BrowserStack for the first time today, super neat. Was experiencing an odd IE8/9 quirk with a site, too lazy to set up own VMs.

  • Lewis Healey

    Thanks for the free trial @BrowserStack. Definitely impressed and will using you guys for cross platform dev from now on!

  • Adam Stachelek

    @BrowserStack is an absolute godsend. Don’t know how many GBs of wasted space for VMs I’m saving!

  • Paul Sprangers

    Where now using @BrowserStack. It's definitely *the* way to do easy multi platform multi browser testing.

  • Alex Farquhar

    If your business relies in any way on browser functionality, I can't recommend Browserstack highly enough - it will make you sleep better

  • Lasse Ebert

    @BrowserStack is awesome. Manually tested a site in 50 combos of OS and browsers in 45 minutes. Imagine what automated tests could do!

  • Julien Bourdon

    . @BrowserStack is just amazing to test your local server on any browser. Worth the money !

  • Dulce D' La Rosa

    !!!!!!!What a pleasure to work with my new tool @BrowserStack !!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Olsavsky

    If you're a UI Developer and you're serious about your job, check out BrowserStack, http://browserstack.com | #convinceyourboss @BrowserStack

  • Nick Pfisterer

    @BrowserStack Your product is incredible. I'm testing my new WP theme right now and I can't believe how easy it is. Many thanks! <3

  • Kushal Likhi

    BrowserStack local testing is awesome!! loved it! @BrowserStack

  • Boiler Room Digital

    .@BrowserStack coming in very handy today. New local testing feature just works. Brilliant!

  • Darren Coxall

    @BrowserStack is brilliant! working on site for client, 10 minutes to: test; fix for ie; screenshot on multiple devices and send to client.

  • @steveoliver

    .@BrowserStack nice work! ;)

  • edoceo

    Know what's fun? Automating testing using @BrowserStack #LikeABoss #FTW 

  • Sebastian Green

    Already done 2 hours of testing this morning. @BrowserStack you rock! My code works in all the required browsers! Woooo.

  • Philip Davis

    .@BrowserStack is so amazing for banging out cross-browser testing. I love their service so much.

  • Jason Founts

    Re @BrowserStack tweet yesterday: great customer service and purchase flow revamp is coming. I recommend this great product + great service.

  • Matt L

    Kicking/Testing all kinds of Ass/Browsers with @BrowserStack today!! http://browserstack.com

  • Mike Mooney

    Wow @BrowserStack is awesome. It turns "did you test this in XP IE7" from "what are you kidding me?" into "yeah of course we did!"

  • Matt Foster

    Every web developer should seriously consider using @BrowserStack "it looked OK on my machine" has never been an excuse.

  • GigMasters Tech

    I was very pleasantly surprised by @BrowserStack. Quick to use - good communication from their team... A+ would use again ;)

  • George

    Mega impressed by @BrowserStack support last week...

  • Citrus

    Thank you @BrowserStack: so much more efficient than having to maintain multiple systems and browser configs! (Not to mention IE!)

  • Dimitri Kourkoulis

    Really liked how @BrowserStack showed me what my website looks like on many devices. Nicest service of its kind imho.

  • Sarah Austin

    Want to know about an amazing app for web development and cross browser (and OS) testing? Browserstack. Your... http://browserstack.com

  • Wil Selwood

    Spent the afternoon playing with @BrowserStack really very nice bit of kit Just got to work out identifying log entries from parallel tests

  • John Gavula

    I'm very impressed with @BrowserStack's free trial. Beats the hell out of ieTester for cross device testing. http://browserstack.com

  • Roxanne Sharland

    @BrowserStack your super swift response has swayed me to do a 180. TQ. I'm in...

  • Adam Tyson

    Really impressed with @BrowserStack great for accurately testing websites across browsers and devices #WebDevelopmentTools

  • John Trainer

    You guys, if there wasn't a @BrowserStack around I'd be pretty screwed right now. Worth every penny, saves time, helps me fight evil.

  • Austin Bergstrom

    Just used @BrowserStack chrome extension to test a local site in OSX Mavericks / Safari. Simple & quick. Bravo!

  • Glen Conway

    LOVE local testing in @BrowserStack!

  • Luke Snopkiewicz

    I have to say, @BrowserStack live testing is quite rather marvellous:) Convenience FTW

  • Graham Shade

    @BrowserStack The new chrome extension for setting up local testing is amazing. Huge props (and many thanks) for making it happen.

  • Martin Samson

    Wow. @BrowserStack is pure magic! Their browser extension let's you test internal sites.

  • Robin Lambell

    In the time in usually takes to boot a Windows, VM, I've just checked 4 versions of IE with @BrowserStack 20$/month, think on that. #bargain

  • Anna Maria Gruber

    I'm totally in ❤ with @BrowserStack.

  • kevtuck

    Have to say I am loving Browserstack, local server tunnel is so cool. Cross browser testing never been so easy on a Mac!

  • Simon Rochfort

    Been using @BrowserStack for cross compatibility testing! Works Great!

  • Michael Caldwell

    How did I live without you before now, @BrowserStack? #YouCompleteMe

  • Mirko Friedrich

    @BrowserStack just saved my day. Thank you very much for that awesome and affordable tool.

  • ɐznןɐʞ ɐpuɐʇs

    Wow! @BrowserStack is quicker and much easier to use than our own company's VMs... Like!

  • Kris Olivier

    Loving @BrowserStack for Android testing! Less time managing/creating AVDs.. more time testing! :) Thanks @BrowserStack #UI #UX #testing

  • Andrew Robinson

    Hurray! @BrowserStack to the rescue again. A well invested $19.

  • Andrey Poltavets

    Using Microsoft Surface for testing web app on iPhone. Thanks to @BrowserStack! http://browserstack.com

  • Scott Bauer

    @BrowserStack, you guys rock! Just saved me hours of work by being able to nail down a Firefox 35 + OS X bug in 5 minutes!

  • Mike Hedman

    Hey @BrowserStack - my tests weren't perfect, but your tech support was! Thanks folks for getting me up and running.

  • Brandon Spencer

    @BrowserStack your online browser testing tool is what I've been waiting for. You guys rock!

  • Julian Feliciano

    Is it normal to actually enjoy cross-browser testing? With @BrowserStack it totally is!

  • Neil Ross

    Hadn't used Browserstack for over a month, cancelled subscription.. Reinstated the next day. I'll pay for this rentier till I the day I die.

  • magic labs*

    http://browserstack.com is such a great service. Thanks, you´re really awesome! <3 /cc @BrowserStack

  • Chris Haycock

    I love @BrowserStack has made my web testing SO SO much easier. Muchos Love guys

  • Eka Putra

    Thanks @BrowserStack, your local server tunneling is a killer feature. Just made my day :D

  • Raph Petrini

    @BrowserStack insane tool, just PERFECT for every #webdeveloper in the world! #webbrowsertesting #ie6nightmare

  • Miguel Carepa

    just finished trying @BrowserStack, amazing web app for front-end developers! it makes web-browser testing easy.

  • Kenneth Illman

    @BrowserStack makes my life easier! Thanks you for a wonderful service!

  • Will Ogden

    @BrowserStack is so awesome, where have you been all my life! No more local VM pain.

  • Henrik Algmark

    Bye bye 5+ VM instances, hello @BrowserStack. There is definitely a before and after finding this great service. #productivity #web

  • Craig Stevens

    @IEDevChat Wasted a whole weekend using the IE8 VM. Never again. http://browserstack.com does it so much better IMHO. @BrowserStack

  • Noel Peden

    How did I ever live without @BrowserStack?? Saved my bacon again!

  • Broken

    I just discovered @BrowserStack It's pretty awesome.

  • Florian

    I'm really impressed by @BrowserStack screenshot & responsive features. A big time saver in browser testing. We love to work with it.

  • ReTimeApp

    I first thought @BrowserStack was too pricy but it has saved my butt enough times I now consider it a bargain.

  • Jochem

    @BrowserStack Best stuff on the web I've ever found.