Scott Hanselman

@BrowserStack @DevDocs @bradwilson looking forward to it!

Microsoft Edge Dev

New on http://browserstack.com See how your site looks across 10 different devices, from Windows to Mac to Android courtesy of @BrowserStack

Trent Walton

Thrilled with these new @BrowserStack Chrome and Firefox extensions for local testing: http://browserstack.com

Scott Jehl

http://browserstack.com just keeps getting better. So so critical to my workflow these days.

Scott Jehl

@TrentWalton @BrowserStack yeah, they do work really well.

Scott Jehl

Nice! Browserstack updated their local tunnel setup workflow and now it's really fast to start in Chrome (I used to use the cmd line script)

Elementary Digital

Development team enjoying the delights of @BrowserStack today, who would of thought they'd get so excited!

Adam Rogas

@BrowserStack this is one of the most useful development tools I have ever used... You guys rock. #worksmarter

Michael Jackson

React Router tests are green on Safari, @googlechrome, @firefox, IE 10-11, and Mobile Safari thanks 2 @BrowserStack! https://t.co/K2XyRi0NeV

andy brudtkuhl

@BrowserStack is one of the coolest services in the web dev toolbox

David Bushell

these @BrowserStack real devices are snazzy!

Robin Blandford

http://browserstack.com is so cool. What a product.

Zach Leatherman

When it comes to testing tools, @BrowserStack is worth its weight in gold. I don’t know how much software weighs—it’s just good basically


Just used @BrowserStack's local testing. Blew my mind a little.. "how are they doing this witchcraft?"

Tu Windows 8

SharePoint Team Finds BrowserStack Invaluable http://browserstack.com

Nick Swan

BrowserStack is friggin amazing!

Umi Fadilah W. Syam

The coolest thing ever: "BrowserStack screenshot automation". Way to go @IE! http://browserstack.com

Michael R Murphy

I think @BrowserStack just changed my life! Why did I wait so long?


@BrowserStack is saving us right now. A must tool for #browsertesting #productlaunch Worth every penny, thanks!


If you are not a member on @BrowserStack - https://t.co/enckaWEaXY you are missing out on a terrific tool-set for developers

Centric Digital

@BrowserStack drives value to us & our Fortune 500 clients by increasing precision of dozens of responsive web launches a month.

Rich Tabor

On another note, @BrowserStack has gotten some massive improvements since I’ve last been around. Mad kudos.

Curtis Morte

@BrowserStack your service is amazing.

Panda Splash

Developers Corner: We LOVE @BrowserStack it gives us a nice unified testing ground to instantly see feedback from our responsive design.

Shane Larrabee

Loving the new experience! https://t.co/sU7ws4PczM

Louis Nel

I love @BrowserStack! It makes web browser testing a breeze. #webtoolsthatrock

Martin Høgh

Responsive testing in @BrowserStack is so damn cool.

PechaKucha Sheffield

"Web Developers, this tool is a life saver for testing your website before launch http://browserstack.com @IMMDesigns #PK360Photographer

Jason Whitman

Man, @BrowserStack is a sick, slick app. Love it every time I use it.

Chris Ruppel

@BrowserStack continues to improve an already amazing testing tool. I have no idea how I'd do my job without it.


If your looking for cross browser testing tools, I can recommend @BrowserStack. We used their services during our website redesign. Thanks!

Luke Hinchliffe

http://browserstack.com = awesomeness

Mike Stenhouse

Wow, BrowserStack is really, really, really good...

Shannon Mølhave

Nice, @BrowserStack's revamped local testing is SO MUCH faster than before, nice job guys!

Shannon Mølhave

Helpful and responsive support departments are THE BEST. Thank you for be awesome @BrowserStack!

Genki Takiuchi

Has purchased BrowserStack

Doug Odegaard

Just used the BrowserStack extension in Visual Studio to hit IE 9 for a bug. Seriously this is the best thing since hot, sliced bread

Thomas Byttebier

Browserstack is such a good service.

Tom Janssens

@dvaneven at my current client we combine webdriver and @BrowserStack ; highly recommended!

Nathaniel Flick

BrowserStack rocks for testing.

Paul Silver

First time using @BrowserStack to check a client site in a browser I haven't got (IE10.) Seriously impressive tech & very easy to use

Philip Lester

Blown away by @BrowserStack and how easy it is to test things in every known browsers and OS.


Wow, @BrowserStack had an update since I last used it, and it is now completely and utterly fantastic. I can’t believe this exists 0_o

Mark Hamstra

Took the whole of 2 minutes of testing to fall in love with @BrowserStack - this is going to be very, very, *very* useful.

Arne Brasseur

Have to say though I'm very impressed with @BrowserStack. If u want to support a wide range of browsers you really need something like this

Rob Blake

The new @BrowserStack in-browser experience is an absolute joy. Well done! I'll never have to boot Windows again! #Ubuntu #opensource

Jonathan Kim

Wow, @BrowserStack's new Live product just blew my mind. Amazing product execution to make something once frustrating feel so simple. 👏👏👏

Gustavo Siqueira 

gotta say, the new browserstack is pretty cool

Marian Denys Ⓦ

La plupart des simulateurs Ipad / Iphone en ligne sont faux, Rien à voir avec la réalité au final... @BrowserStack est vraiment le must

Alex Cook

<3 @BrowserStack

Giles Adam Thomas

@BrowserStack GREAT! customer service today thanks! #great #saas #product #developers #browsertesting #browser

Thomas Slater

I friggin love http://browserstack.com you guys.

Honza Sládek

Impressed by the redesigned interface of http://browserstack.com Definitely an upgrade! #happyuser

Ollie Wells

Loving the new @BrowserStack live feature. Native experience on remote browsers. Brilliant. http://browserstack.com

matt kersley

If you don’t already, use @BrowserStack… their support guy Mukesh was REALLY helpful.

Bram Willemse

The redesign of @BrowserStack is the compliment it's speed-upgrade needed. What a tool! #kudos http://browserstack.com


Our developers have found a new best friend when it comes to online testing! Thanks @BrowserStack

Lee Dingain

Very impressed with @BrowserStack - extremely useful for browser testing. Many thx: http://browserstack.com

Adam Winn

@BrowserStack is amazing

Chris Field

@BrowserStack Spotted that the other week - great work, thank you! We find browserstack to be essential at work. Seriously helps us a lot.

Matt Brown

The best thing that @IE has ever done is give me 3 free months of @BrowserStack.

Beth Hood

@BrowserStack All I can say is wow! Amazing tool!

matty mcfly

The new @BrowserStack Live is top notch!

Thomas Zilliox

I am now a @BrowserStack Live & Screenshot customer! Not cheap, but these great products are saving me a lot of time http://browserstack.com

Marcelo Somers

BrowserStack is amazing.

Saurav Shrestha

@BrowserStack is all you could ever need for your cross-browser testing

Stanley Lai

.@BrowserStack is a superhero. where were you throughout all my previous years of IE VM hand wringing?


@BrowserStack rocks my world

Amit Upadhyay

BrowserStack is the most technically awesome company I have worked with. It's like being on non stop rapid fire technical quiz show.

Pascal Giroux

Want to test your website crossbrowser? The best online solution I found yet! #ie #browser #compatibility : http://browserstack.com

Mr. Dave

HOLY CRAP!!! @BrowserStack is f'ing amazing!!!!


My review of @BrowserStack http://browserstack.com @trustradius


.@BrowserStack excellent service!

Martin Evans

I'm testing a web app I'm developing locally on mulltiple o/s and browsers using @BrowserStack. Frickin awesome test tool.


Did I mention the new Browserstack is awesome? It is so good that you almost forget it is in fact a browser in a vm in a browser.


Screw it, local VMs are far too painful. @BrowserStack ftw!


Ooo new browserstack design. Shiny

Thomas Parslow

New Local Testing browser extension to @BrowserStack is cool. Testing website on an Android without having to download or setup anything :)


We’re trying out @BrowserStack this week - so far we are CRAZY impressed! Really awesome product for #browser / #OS / #device #testing!

Brandon Wanamaker

Thoroughly impressed w/ @BrowserStack. Cross-browser testing is super simple and quick.

Patrik Björklund

http://browserstack.com is pretty amazing. Never thought I would actually test a site on IE6 again. And I didnt expect to do it in 5 minutes

John Ellison

@BrowserStack - WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? I can't believe I never used this until now. x-browser, x-platform testing? Wow.

Marian Posăceanu

@BrowserStack you guys just rock! / saved me a great deal of time whilst searching for an obscure bug in a responsive layout

Paul Franklin

We would like to thank BrowserStack for helping with the continued development of the Ark Editor: http://browserstack.com


love using browserstack for screenshot automation and responsive testing

Daniel Groves

The new @BrowserStack interface is rather nice. Good job!

The Dantagonist

Wow. I just discovered @BrowserStack this afternoon. If you're designing cross-browser and cross-device, they are *awesome*.


Again: <3 http://browserstack.com

Claudio Gomboli

BTW this is a powerful tool http://browserstack.com highly recommended!

chase courington

Q/A, Jira, bugs...BrowserStack, you my only friend. http://browserstack.com

Andrew Meyer

Dear @BrowserStack, thank you. You are so helpful.

David van Leeuwen

The new @BrowserStack is bad ass, especially the mobile devices :D

Beats by @drj

Thank you once again @BrowserStack local testing.

Mo Vengeance

@BrowserStack - you make my work possible. #thankyoujeebus @ThisIsNansen

Marnen Laibow-Koser

@BrowserStack is freaking awesome. Testing a local server in a remote browser is incredible!

Scott Blair

Good resource for cross browser / platform testing. http://browserstack.com

Robert Bavington

Not sure what I would do without @BrowserStack

Tory Hobson

I think I'm in love with @BrowserStack.

Matt Pass

.@BrowserStack just paid for itself, 10 mins work to track down an IE9 issue, would have been a couple hours of hair pulling work otherwise

Venkata Koppaka

Just fixed a crazy old browser issue with @BrowserStack don't know how I would have fixed it otherwise.

Michael L. Benin

@BrowserStack you guys rock! Solid dependable service!


.@BrowserStack has some top notch customer service.

Brett Burwell

There's no substitute for testing on real devices, but hot damn is @BrowserStack an amazing amazing service.

pumpkin salzman

Cannot count the number of hours and VM headaches http://browserstack.com has saved me. Makes browser testing a breeze.

Hertzel Armengol

I TRULY love @BrowserStack is :uber awesome !

Matthias Günther

Browserstack seems to be a very good piece of developed software - nice UI and tons of settings.

Josh Morales

the localhost feature of @BrowserStack is INCREDIBLE, such a life saver, if you develop web, YOU MUST USE THIS SERVICE!

Eugene Fedorenko

Can't be happier with @BrowserStack. The tools they provide are so good I removed all testing VMs and never looked back.

Brandon Carroll

After lots of experimenting, @BrowserStack is my current recommendation for #browsertesting, fairly seamless, fast, no fussing with VMs.

Kieran Bamforth

Tried @BrowserStack. Addicted.

Doug Steinberg

Absolutely loving the new issue tracking tool in @BrowserStack This is a huge help for cross-platform #QA.

James Moberg

I really like using @BrowserStack. I can use any OS/browser & test websites outside my network using default security settings.

James Moberg

.@BrowserStack helped me rule out a Windows XP/IE8 javascript bug in under a minute. Also helped identify Safari+defer+pagespeed issues.

Andrew Del Prete

@BrowserStack - You saved my development career once again. Thank you for your services to humanity.

Phil Ricketts ★

Browserstack, where have you been all my life??

Kamran Ayub

Thank God for @BrowserStack


Spent all afternoon wrestling with arcane Windows VPN settings, then gave up and used Browserstack instead. Took 30 mins. :|

Shane McDonald

Whoa. BrowserStack has made local testing silly simple.

Sharbel Lutfallah

Props to @BrowserStack, they really made it simple to get started in remote #selenium automated testing.

Sharbel Lutfallah

Kudos to @BrowserStack for sending me an email with tips on improving our integration tests based on logs they saw #greatSupport #selenium

Nick Banford

Used @BrowserStack today for the first time. I was blown away, saved me hours of work.

Jonathan Schroeder

@BrowserStack is definitely one of the most needed tools for #webdev in terms of #ui #testing.

/ \ |_ ! |\| / \

love you browserstack

Andy Hulme

Testing local websites on browserstack via their chrome extension has blown my tiny little mind. Well played!

Alexandr Kurilin

Used @BrowserStack for the first time today, super neat. Was experiencing an odd IE8/9 quirk with a site, too lazy to set up own VMs.

Richard Brook

I literally don’t know what I’d do without @BrowserStack

Christian Senior

browserstack does it again! It remains one of the most valuable tools in my virtual toolbox

Jared Smith

automating screenshots across OS, browser, device and resolution with browserstack and ruby. this kinda rules

Rishi Luchun

@BrowserStack has got to be the best tool I've come across for browser testing, never have to touch a PC again

Kushal Likhi

BrowserStack local testing is awesome!! loved it! @BrowserStack

Mark Jones

Bug fixing hell today, on the plus side - browserstack is proving a very useful purchase

Alicia St Rose

@BrowserStack I am madly in love with you now! Testing a local site on MacBook Pro is easy and magical! Thank you!

Glenn Angelo

5 minutes using @BrowserStack and it's already better than any virtual testing i've used so far.

Lasse Ebert

@BrowserStack is awesome. Manually tested a site in 50 combos of OS and browsers in 45 minutes. Imagine what automated tests could do!

Lewis Healey

Thanks for the free trial @BrowserStack. Definitely impressed and will using you guys for cross platform dev from now on!

Paul Sprangers

Where now using @BrowserStack. It's definitely *the* way to do easy multi platform multi browser testing.

Nick Pfisterer

@BrowserStack Your product is incredible. I'm testing my new WP theme right now and I can't believe how easy it is. Many thanks! <3

Adam Stachelek

@BrowserStack is an absolute godsend. Don’t know how many GBs of wasted space for VMs I’m saving!

Alex Farquhar

If your business relies in any way on browser functionality, I can't recommend Browserstack highly enough - it will make you sleep better

Dulce D' La Rosa

!!!!!!!What a pleasure to work with my new tool @BrowserStack !!!!!!!!!!

Darren Coxall

@BrowserStack is brilliant! working on site for client, 10 minutes to: test; fix for ie; screenshot on multiple devices and send to client.

Boiler Room Digital

.@BrowserStack coming in very handy today. New local testing feature just works. Brilliant!


Know what's fun? Automating testing using @BrowserStack #LikeABoss #FTW 

Patrick Bell

Just found @BrowserStack can do local testing in a few clicks. Sold.


.@BrowserStack nice work! ;)

Wil Selwood

Spent the afternoon playing with @BrowserStack really very nice bit of kit Just got to work out identifying log entries from parallel tests

Alex Hocken

Really impressed with the changes that @BrowserStack has made.

Chris Graham

I'm genuinely impressed by @BrowserStack (browser testing in the cloud via web-accessible virtual machines)

Jon White

How have I never used browserstack before? I fired a local dev environment at it, expecting it to go "wtf?", and it worked!

Makalu Creative

Been using @BrowserStack for cross compatibility testing! Works Great!

Mike Mooney

Wow @BrowserStack is awesome. It turns "did you test this in XP IE7" from "what are you kidding me?" into "yeah of course we did!"

Matt L

Kicking/Testing all kinds of Ass/Browsers with @BrowserStack today!! http://browserstack.com

Brandon Hall

@BrowserStack Just awesome. Thanks for making my life easier.

Jason Founts

Re @BrowserStack tweet yesterday: great customer service and purchase flow revamp is coming. I recommend this great product + great service.

Philip Davis

.@BrowserStack is so amazing for banging out cross-browser testing. I love their service so much.

Matt Bessey

@BrowserStack's Chrome extension with Pow is changing my life. Local server cross browser testing at the click of a button O_o

Matt Foster

Every web developer should seriously consider using @BrowserStack "it looked OK on my machine" has never been an excuse.

Thyagarajan Delli

@BrowserStack is easily one of the best utility tools for UI testers. Has been a relevation for my team.

Anna Maria Gruber

I'm totally in ❤ with @BrowserStack.

Roxanne Sharland

@BrowserStack your super swift response has swayed me to do a 180. TQ. I'm in...

Ben Centra

Testing file upload stuff using @BrowserStack, test machines come with sample PDFs and Word docs! #itsthelittlethings

GigMasters Tech

I was very pleasantly surprised by @BrowserStack. Quick to use - good communication from their team... A+ would use again ;)

Krista Lacida

This tool is like a dream come true for front end designers! https://t.co/dn6APZQNR2 Browser testing in one click.


Mega impressed by @BrowserStack support last week...

Mirko Friedrich

@BrowserStack just saved my day. Thank you very much for that awesome and affordable tool.

Dane Fetterman

Love browserstack

John Trainer

You guys, if there wasn't a @BrowserStack around I'd be pretty screwed right now. Worth every penny, saves time, helps me fight evil.

Martin Samson

Wow. @BrowserStack is pure magic! Their browser extension let's you test internal sites.

Graham Shade

@BrowserStack The new chrome extension for setting up local testing is amazing. Huge props (and many thanks) for making it happen.

John Gavula

I'm very impressed with @BrowserStack's free trial. Beats the hell out of ieTester for cross device testing. http://browserstack.com

Austin Bergstrom

Just used @BrowserStack chrome extension to test a local site in OSX Mavericks / Safari. Simple & quick. Bravo!

Robin Lambell

In the time in usually takes to boot a Windows, VM, I've just checked 4 versions of IE with @BrowserStack 20$/month, think on that. #bargain

Glen Conway

LOVE local testing in @BrowserStack!

Glen K. Peterson

Oh How I ♥ @BrowserStack Let me count the ways. 1. Don't need Windows. 2. Don't need to upgrade test OS's. 3. Have OSX and many phones too!

Kris Olivier

Loving @BrowserStack for Android testing! Less time managing/creating AVDs.. more time testing! :) Thanks @BrowserStack #UI #UX #testing

Neil Ross

Hadn't used Browserstack for over a month, cancelled subscription.. Reinstated the next day. I'll pay for this rentier till I the day I die.

Mike Hedman

Hey @BrowserStack - my tests weren't perfect, but your tech support was! Thanks folks for getting me up and running.

Andrey Poltavets

Using Microsoft Surface for testing web app on iPhone. Thanks to @BrowserStack! http://browserstack.com

Robert Svallin

The new (its been around a while) @BrowserStack is pretty nifty. Testing local websites is easier than previously. Great stuff! #webdev

Chris Haycock

I love @BrowserStack has made my web testing SO SO much easier. Muchos Love guys

magic labs*

http://browserstack.com is such a great service. Thanks, you´re really awesome! <3 /cc @BrowserStack

Scott Bauer

@BrowserStack, you guys rock! Just saved me hours of work by being able to nail down a Firefox 35 + OS X bug in 5 minutes!

Eka Putra

Thanks @BrowserStack, your local server tunneling is a killer feature. Just made my day :D

Miguel Carepa

just finished trying @BrowserStack, amazing web app for front-end developers! it makes web-browser testing easy.

Will Ogden

@BrowserStack is so awesome, where have you been all my life! No more local VM pain.

Kenneth Illman

@BrowserStack makes my life easier! Thanks you for a wonderful service!

Henrik Algmark

Bye bye 5+ VM instances, hello @BrowserStack. There is definitely a before and after finding this great service. #productivity #web

Craig Stevens

@IEDevChat Wasted a whole weekend using the IE8 VM. Never again. http://browserstack.com does it so much better IMHO. @BrowserStack

Emre Özdemir

@BrowserStack is my new awesome web development tool, thanx i liked it so much :)

Chris Goelkel

I love Browserstack! If you haven't checked it out your missing out as a developer! https://t.co/UA6IeK73OB

Noel Peden

How did I ever live without @BrowserStack?? Saved my bacon again!


I just discovered @BrowserStack It's pretty awesome.

Christopher Winand

Who’s got two thumbs and loves @BrowserStack? This guy 👍👍


I'm really impressed by @BrowserStack screenshot & responsive features. A big time saver in browser testing. We love to work with it.


@BrowserStack Best stuff on the web I've ever found.


I first thought @BrowserStack was too pricy but it has saved my butt enough times I now consider it a bargain.