Mobile app testing strategy: How to get it right?

  • Watch on-demand
  • 60 minutes

About the event

Mobile app development and testing is tricky. The mobile device and OS diversity give us some huge challenges. Where do you start Testing and when do you stop? 

Guided by the question “Is That Enough?”, Simon will take you on a ride through the abyss and peaks of mobile app testing. On this journey, he will incrementally add some new gadgets into our testing tool belts and enrich us with some new ideas to find a good and solid mobile app test strategy. 

You will see different testing ideas come along the way, hear about their advantages and drawbacks to tackle the everlasting challenge of testing for mobile device/os diversity. Simon will also share what he likes the most about being on the bleeding edge in the mobile app development world.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Things to consider when developing a mobile app test strategy
  • Advantages and drawbacks of different testing strategies
  • Challenges in the mobile app development world


About the speaker:

Simon Berner is a Test Automation Engineer at House of Test. He has given over 30 talks across the globe and loves to share his learnings by giving courses, workshops, and speaking at conferences, and webinars.