Optimizing test automation for speed, robustness and increased coverage

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About the event

The key to achieving effective test automation lies in its execution. Achieving faster releases at scale and quality is the end goal. But challenges such as network speed, limited coverage, and tracking test data across browsers and devices can become bottlenecks in the everyday workflows.

In this webinar, Roy will discuss how you can solve for them. Make your Selenium WebDriver test scripts more robust by applying synchronization optimizations. He will also cover how to leverage BrowserStack features to their fullest to expand your browser/OS/device coverage, and test faster! Towards the end, he will demonstrate the creation of Allure reporting for effective tracking and analysis of test results. Roy will also take you through some of its features that ensure that the reports are intuitive and easily comprehensible.


  • Implicit vs Explicit waits
  • Browser and Device Coverage
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Test Reporting
  • Questions and Answers


About the speaker:

Roy de Kleijn is a freelance test automation engineer with 12+ years of experience training organizations on automating parts of their testing (ranging from frontend automation to performance testing) to achieve higher efficiency. When he’s not working, he likes to educate kids on coding, electronics and 3D printing.