NVDA Screen Reader Testing

Boost your site's accessibility and inclusivity with NVDA testing on real Windows desktops, exceeding WCAG compliance standards.
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Perform NVDA Testing with Screen Readers

Did you know that NVDA accounts for over 30% of global screen reader usage? Ensure you test for your customers using NVDA to provide them with a truly accessible web experience.

Improve your website’s screen reader accessibility on real Windows devices with BrowserStack NVDA testing, offering a user-centered perspective on accessibility challenges

NVDA Screen Reader Testing

How does NVDA Accessibility Testing Tool work

BrowserStack Accessibility Testing is an integrated platform that checks NVDA testing for your website using Screen Readers.

NVDA Screen Reader Testing on Real Devices

  • Launch Accessibility Toolkit
  • In the Screen Reader tile, click Select browser.
  • Select the operating system as Windows and the preferred browser combination. The screen reader test session starts.
  • In the Screen Reader menu option, select the Enable ScreenReader checkbox and begin testing.
  • Review Keyboard Assisted Test Issues

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Beyond WCAG Compliance

Elevate your accessibility efforts beyond WCAG standards by integrating comprehensive screen reader evaluations into your web development process

Screen Readers for Windows

Adopt NVDA testing on real Windows devices to cater to the needs of over 30% of screen reader users worldwide, ensuring a truly accessible experience for all customers.

Website Scanner for monitoring

Get a First-Hand Experience

Directly observe how screen reader users interact with your website or app, gaining valuable insights into their experience.

Enhanced Debugging Using Real Devices

Leverage authentic user experiences on real devices for greater accuracy and more effective problem resolution.

Screen Readers on real devices

Turn Text Content to Audio

Empower visually impaired users with NVDA, transforming website text into accessible audio content.

Test Website on Different Browsers

Ensure compatibility by testing your website on Chrome and Edge on Windows 11 for a seamless user experience across platforms.

Test NVDA Screen Readers using BrowserStack Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

NVDA Testing checks if your website can be accessed by NVDA Screen Readers. NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free screen reader for Windows, enabling visually impaired users to interact with web content by converting text and images to speech or Braille. NVDA Testing helps visually impaired people access the website content.

NVDA Accessibility Testing verifies your website or app’s usability for visually impaired users, ensuring it’s accessible and navigable with the NVDA screen reader.

For NVDA testing without the Chrome Extension, use Assisted Tests, which provide a realistic evaluation of your site’s accessibility on actual devices.

BrowserStack is preferred for its real Windows device testing capability, offering accurate and reliable NVDA accessibility testing results by mimicking real-world user experiences.

Need NVDA Screen Reader Testing for your website?

Check NVDA Screen Reader Accessibility of your website by running NVDA Screen Reader Tests on Accessibility Testing Tool and check website's compatibility with NVDA Screen Readers