Accessibility Color Contrast Testing

Do you want to run a Color Contrast Test for your website? Get your website tested for Accessibility Color Contrast as per WCAG Guidelines in a single scan!

Test Accessibility Color Contrast with Workflow Scanner

You can run full-page scans or check the color contrast of a specific part of the page using Workflow Scanner. Get detailed reports and monitor accessibility issues in color contrast as per Accessibility Standards like WCAG, ADA, and AODA.

How does Accessibility Color Contrast Testing Tool work

BrowserStack Accessibility Testing is an integrated platform that detects accessibility issues such as Color Contrast at speed. 

  1. Launch Accessibility Toolkit
  2. In the Workflow Scanner tile, choose scope i.e. Full Page or Part of the Page. It starts the scan and detects the accessibility issues on the page.
  3. It shows the Issue Summary and Workflow Log reports once you stop the scanning. Issue Summary has different accessibility issues consolidated under Issue Categories like Color Contrast. 
  4. You can also schedule Scans to monitor color contrast issues using Website Scanner and get detailed reports.


Follows WCAG Compliance

You can choose WCAG Compliance Level for Color Contrast Testing. Workflow Scanner supports WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 compliance.


Choose Conformance Level

Select between AA and AAA WCAG conformance levels to test the minimum & enhanced color contrast of website on real devices. 

Test any workflow in a single scan

Test Full Page or Specific Part

You can run full page scan or test specific part of the page for color contrast using Workflow Scanner to identify accessibility issues.

Get Detailed Reports

Access detailed auto-generated test reports & smart issue summaries in a central dashboard. Easily combine & share reports. 

Comprehensive Debugging

Effectively debug accessibility issues & save time on VPAT reports with automatic grouping issues by the violated WCAG guideline.

Website Scanner for monitoring

Monitor Color Contrast

You can schedule regular scans using Website Scanner and get detailed reports to monitor accessibility issues in color contrast.

Test Color Contrast using BrowserStack Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Color contrast impacts the readability of content, and to ensure that people with low-vision or color blindness can read the content, color contrast should be optimum. Accessibility Color Contrast Testing helps ensure all the color contrast issues are identified and resolved for better readability and accessibility.

BrowserStack Accessibility Tool allows you to test the color contrast of the website or part of the web page as per WCAG compliance using Workflow Scanner. You can run scan and get detailed report to resolve any impending color contrast issues.

BrowserStack Accessibility Tool follows WCAG standards and allows you to choose between different WCAG versions (WCAG 2.0, 2.1 & 2.2) and Conformance Levels (A, AA and AAA) for testing color contrast accordingly.

Yes, you can monitor color contrast for WCAG Compliance using Website Scanner in BrowserStack Accessibility Tool. It allows you to schedule Accessibility Scans for your website and send detailed report on accessibility issues such as color contrast.

Color Contrast Testing

Check Accessibility Color Contrast for your website using Workflow Scanner in Accessibility Testing Tool