ARIA Testing

Test your website for ARIA Accessibility as per WCAG guidelines with a single scan.
Test ARIA Accessibility

Test ARIA Accessibility with Workflow Scanner

Run full page scans and test for page compliance with WCAG guidelines AA and AAA. Get detailed reports from an easy to use dashboard that presents all Accessibility requirements in a single scan.

How does ARIA Testing Tool work

BrowserStack Workflow Scanner is designed to detect accessibility issues such as missing alt text and inadequate color contrast at speed. 

Aria Accessibility Testing


  1. Launch Accessibility Toolkit
  2. In the Workflow Scanner tile, choose scope i.e. Full Page or Part of the Page. It starts the scan and detects the accessibility issues on the page.
  3. It shows the Issue Summary and Workflow Log reports once you stop the scanning. Issue Summary has different accessibility issues consolidated under Issue Categories like ARIA Accessibility Issues. 
  4. You can also schedule Scans to monitor color contrast issues using Website Scanner and get detailed reports.


Follows WCAG Compliance

You can choose WCAG Compliance Level for ARIA testing. BrowserStack’s Workflow Scanner supports WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 compliance.


Choose WCAG Conformance Level

Select between AA and AAA WCAG conformance levels to test ARIA accessibility levels of a website on real devices.

Test any workflow in a single scan

Test Full Page or Specific Components

Run a full page scan or test website components for ARIA accessibility attributes.

Get Detailed Reports

Access detailed auto-generated test reports & smart issue summaries (with a list of pages affected) in a central dashboard. Easily combine & share reports. 

Enhanced Debugging

Effectively debug accessibility issues & save time on VPAT reports with automatic grouping issues by the violated WCAG guideline.

Website Scanner for monitoring

Monitor ARIA Accessibility using Website Scanner

Schedule regular scans for ARIA accessibility by using BrowserStack’s Website Scanner. The tool automatically scans and reports on the accessibility status of the entire website.

Test ARIA Accessibility Now

Frequently Asked Questions

ARIA refers to Accessible Rich Internet Applications, a series of roles and attributes that enable web content and applications to be more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

ARIA fortifies HTML to pass interactions and widgets to assistive technologies. ARIA, for example, leverages accessible JS widgets, error messages, live content updates, form prompts, etc.

ARIA enhances a website’s accessibility. Its exclusion makes the site HTML less equipped to meet the needs of disabled persons visiting your website. This makes a website less user-friendly, and prevents it from meeting regulations and recommendations around online content accessibility.

ARIA accessibility testing checks if the HTML includes the right ARIA attributes for improved accessibility. This form of testing contributes directly to a site’s UI/UX and success in the real world. 

Consider using a tool like BrowserStack’s Workflow Scanner for ARIA testing.

Workflow Scanner helps manage ARIA accessibility standards by checking for missing alt text, insufficient color contrast, etc. Scan multiple web pages in a user workflow. No need to run scans multiple times for each page.

The tool is simple to use. Just start the scanner and navigate as a user would.

  • You can choose WCAG Compliance Level for Aria accessibility testing. The Workflow Scanner supports WCAG 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 compliance.
  • Select between AA and AAA WCAG conformance levels for ARIA testing.
  • All duplicate issues are removed automatically. Unique issues are categorized by their type, affected components, and the WCAG guidelines they violated.
  • Use test workflow logs to zero in on the exact source of every big, including specific URLs and the actions that triggered the anomalies.

Yes, absolutely. 

A tool like BrowserStack’s Website Scanner helps monitor accessibility health of a website or app. It is ideal for performing quick status checks by specifying the URLs of certain pages. Testers can also schedule regular accessibility scans, so that manual effort is reduced and the process becomes more optimal. 

ARIA Testing

Check ARIA Accessibility for your website using Workflow Scanner in Accessibility Testing Tool