Instant access to Real Device Cloud

Test your native and hybrid apps on our wide range of physical mobile and tablet devices for the most accurate testing results.

All the devices are available to you, all the time.

Test your mobile app interactively on real devices.

Test online from a browser.

Maximum market coverage

Choose from our wide (and growing) range of physical mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Pixel, Motorola, etc. Check out our full list of devices.

Real Device Cloud

Exhaustive coverage

Test your mobile app across screen size, screen resolution and OS.

Wide OS range

Test app UI and functionality on OS versions spanning from Android 4.3 to 8 & iOS 8 to 11.

Latest devices

New and latest devices constantly updated.

Install and test published apps

Perform regression testing and reproduce production bugs on apps published on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Test interactions with other apps

Install multiple apps by directly uploading or installing via App Store/Play Store. Test all scenarios involving other apps, such as social login, payment integration and more.

Test location based scenarios

Easily simulate location of the device to test app features that require access to device location. Quickly switch between locations to test how app performs in different geographies.

Test location based scenarios

Smart app management

All versions in one machine

Never upload the same build twice

Simply select from builds uploaded by you or your team and start testing right away.

All versions in one machine

No need to check device compatibility

We automatically identify the devices with OS version supported by your mobile application.

Test your app in development environments

Our local testing feature allows you to test your apps on your development and staging environment. All the server calls that your mobile application makes over development/staging network, will work out of the box! No set up required. Just install the BrowserStack extension to enable local testing.

Find and fix bugs instantly

Debug your APK or IPA using real time device logs. View stacktrace and crash reports to find and fix bugs instantly.

Natural gestures and interactions

Interact with your mobile app on the remote device, just as you would with a real device in hand. Tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more.

Natural gestures and interactions

Uncompromising Security

Security is a primary focus, and our policies are constantly upgraded. All builds are stored on our secured servers. We provide pristine devices for testing and all app data is wiped clean from the device after the session ends. We are Service Organisation Control (SOC) 2 compliant.
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