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Parallel testing with BrowserStack

Parallel test execution gives you the scale you need to deliver quality at speed. By running hundreds of automated tests concurrently, you can execute complete test suites on different device/browser and OS combinations and get results in minutes. With quick and continuous feedback, you keep quality front and center to ship every release with confidence.


Lightning fast builds

Leading agile teams use parallel testing on BrowserStack to complete builds in less than 10 minutes.

Reduce your build time from hours to minutes with parallel testing to:

  • Release faster and more frequently

    Your customers don’t have to wait for that latest feature or bug fix.

  • Provide faster feedback to your developers

    Your developers can focus on writing code instead of waiting for builds to complete.


Used parallelization to achieve 10x faster test execution with 5.5 minutes total build time

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Reduced regression testing time to 5 minutes to release 15 times a day

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Reduced test time from 30 to 8 minutes leading to 3x faster releases

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To figure out how many parallels you will need, think about your target build time. To reduce your build time by 5 times, you will need 5x your current parallels.

Uncompromising quality

Parallel testing empowers teams to test on multiple browser, device and OS combinations without worrying about build times.

Expand the comprehensiveness of your test suites with parallel testing by:

  • Increasing browser and device coverage

    Make sure your applications work in every user environment.

  • Increasing test suite automation

    Automate more test cases to catch bugs early and reduce manual effort in each build.

"BrowserStack provides us with the ability to run our tests across a variety of real devices, browsers and operating systems at scale."

- Anna Goncharova, Software Engineer, Twitter

"Now, we look at 15 browser combinations at a time. BrowserStack empowers us to do that."

- Ron Timoshenko, Director of Architecture ConsumerAffairs

"In very little time, we were able to scale automation to cover IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, and even Edge Insider preview."

- Paule Grow, Software Design Engineer, Apptio

To figure out how many parallels you will need, think about how many browser and device combinations you need to test on. To double your device and browser coverage, you will need 2x your current parallels.

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