Find Compatibility Bugs before your customers do

Combat device, browser and OS fragmentation by testing for compatibility across 2,000+ environments.

compatibility testing

The Problem: Fragmentation

Users are everywhere. They access the internet from a wide variety of device models, operating systems, browser versions, and screen sizes.

Distinct devices

21 operating

Different operating systems

8 browser

Browser engines

YoY device growth

iPhones and iPads in use


Browser versions YoY

The Solution: Safeguard every release against compatibility bugs

Ensure websites and apps work perfectly for all your customers before you release.

Maximize your device coverage

Perform backward and forward compatibility testing and version checking—all from BrowserStack. Get instant, reliable access to 2,000+ browser, device and OS combinations.

Test in real user conditions

Optimize website and app performance for real-world context. Configure device locale settings and test:

  • GPS and IP Geolocation: Check for geotagging, geoblocking, geotargeting and geofencing
  • Localization: Check website or app behavior in changing device time and language settings
  • Natural gestures: See how websites or apps adapt to different touch gestures and device orientations

Check network compatibility

Test your website or app’s performance and behavior over different network conditions such as poor connectivity, fluctuating network or loss of network. Choose between:

  • Preset network profiles: Simulate 2G, 3G or 4G profiles
  • Custom network profiles: Create custom bandwidth, latency and packet loss specifications

Netwrok Simulation

Lightning fast builds for Compatibility Testing at scale

Don’t be daunted by the number of device/browser/OS combinations you need to test on. Automate the compatibility testing process to scale with speed and efficiency. Run hundreds of tests concurrently with Parallel Testing—and execute entire test suites in minutes rather than hours.

We are the enterprise standard for compatibility testing on the cloud

RBS uses BrowserStack
Microsoft uses BrowserStack
The Washington post uses BrowserStack
MasterCard uses BrowserStack
HSBC uses BrowserStack
Discovery uses BrowserStack
Cisco uses BrowserStack

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