Virtual Summit

Arming Testers with Low-code Test Automation

  • 8th August
  • 6:25 PM UTC
Evgeniya Blekher

Evgeniya Blekher

QA ManagerSestra Systems

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Evgeniya Blekher is a dedicated QA Manager with a passion for delivering high-quality software. Beginning as a tester at Sestra Systems, she has advanced to her current role, building QA processes from scratch and learning from mistakes to make informed decisions confidently. With a background in automation testing within a large corporation and a coding proficiency, she ensures streamlined testing processes and adapts to diverse project needs. Evgeniya Blekher stays at the forefront of the QA domain, exploring emerging trends and methodologies. Her unique combination of start-up and corporate experience makes her a dynamic leader, adept at navigating any testing challenge.


About the Talk

Arming Testers with Low-code Test Automation

Traditional test automation frameworks often require specialized programming skills, creating a barrier for many testers. In this session, we’ll get into the benefits of low-code platforms – faster test creation, increased test maintainability, and improved collaboration between testers and developers.


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