Take a leap from manual to automated testing

Create automated tests without coding. Execute tests in cloud instantaneously.

Accelerate testing

Improve testing efficiency by reducing tedious manual regression testing efforts.

Empowering testers

Enable non-technical experts to author tests without coding, democratizing test automation.

Scale automation

Address bottlenecks with existing script-based test automation like test flakiness & high maintenance.

Easy test authoring with an intuitive test recorder

Easily capture user actions, from clicks to form inputs, and watch them transform into automated tests. Our user-friendly test recorder ensures faster test creation with minimal learning curve.

Visual validations

Use visual validations to detect functional regressions without complex assertions.

Easy test editing

Update desired test step without having to re-record entire test.

Readable test steps

Create meaningful test step descriptions for everyone to understand easily.

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Create resilient tests that are easy to maintain

Smart auto-waiting

Automatically configured timeouts taking into account the context of the action & page changes.

Self healing tests

Smart element selection algorithm that adapts tests to UI changes, reducing failures & test maintenance burden.

Variable Support

Create maintainable tests using variables with dynamically generated instead of hard-coded values.

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Easily verify and debug your test builds

Verify your test builds with detailed test reporting. Debug failed tests with video logs and screenshots. Share test execution results easily with other team members.

Easiliy Verify and Debug Your tests

World-class test execution infrastructure

Execute tests in the cloud with our leading test infrastructure that requires no setup or maintenance. Support for multiple geographical locations to ensures that your website automatically get tested from the right region.

Integrate with your testing workflows

Test scheduler

Set up automated test runs with flexible scheduling for hassle-free continuous testing.

Test on dev/private environment

Test websites behind firewalls, on internal dev & staging setups, no setup requirement.

Email notifications

Get insights into your releases with reports on build pass/failure & basic logs on email.

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