Cross Browser Visual Testing

Test and identify visual changes across any and every browser.
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Perform Cross Browser Visual Testing with Percy

With Percy, you can test the same page across different browsers and platforms – desktop and mobile. Capture snapshots and compare them with previously generated snapshots to detect visual changes.


How does Percy Work?

Percy is designed to test webpages and applications across different browsers, browser versions, and devices to identify any visual discrepancies.

Visual Testing Process

  1. Create a Project in Percy
  2. Enable the browser you want. By default browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari are added to the project. You can enable more browsers or disable existing browsers from the project settings page.
  3. Set Environment Variables
  4. Run your first Percy build.

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Real Devices for IE Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Perform visual tests on different browsers and browser versions. Compare screenshots and identify visual discrepancies.

Real Android & iOS devices

Cross Platform Testing

Platform visual testing on a range of browsers across different platforms such as tablets, iPads, Android phones, and iPhones.

Run Visual Regression on Real Devices

Enhances visual regression testing by conducting automated comparisons of new screenshots with baseline images on real devices, ensuring accurate detection of visual discrepancies for reliable UI consistency.

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Responsive Diffs

Generates screenshots at multiple responsive widths by adjusting browser sizes, highlighting key visual differences, and filtering out irrelevant variations for faster, more accurate reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cross browser visual testing is a process of testing the website or web application on different browsers to ensure that they don’t look visually different.

It involves checking visual elements, responsiveness, and interactive features across various browsers and platforms to provide a uniform user experience on all platforms.

Performing cross browser visual testing on real devices ensures that your tests are running on real-world conditions. This reduces false positives and makes it easier to replicate bugs.

Real devices also perform up to 70% faster when compared to emulators and simulators, improving your testing time.

With Percy you can:

  • Perform cross browser visual testing on 3000+ browsers and versions
  • Test on a real device cloud
  • Perform Snapshot comparison
  • Identify Visual diffs
  • Perform Parallel testing

Need Cross Browser Visual Testing for your Website?

Try BrowserStack Percy to run Cross Browser Visual Tests and check if the Wesbite appears consistent across different real browsers and devices using Visual Diff feature