Test Automation Dashboard

Get a detailed Test Report with different Metrics and Insights to track test suite health
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Test Automation Dashboard to track Test Suite Health

Keep a track of Test Suite Health and get consolidated insights for all the build runs in a central dashboard using BrowserStack Test Observability. Save time on triage and debug test failures after every run using AI-driven Reporting and Analytics.

Test Automation Dashboard

How to create a Custom Test Automation Dashboard

BrowserStack Test Obervability is an integrated platform that checks Test Suite Health and offers a centralized Test Automation Dashboard:

  1. Select Dashboards from the menu. 
  2. Select a widget from the options such as Failure Categories.
  3. Configure the widget using the available options and click Done.
  4. Name the Dashboard and it’s ready with the detailed insights from different build runs.

Custom Dashboard using Test Observability

You can create, manage, download, and share dashboards with Test Obervability.

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Get Detailed Test Build Insights

You can access comprehensive test build insights like performance, flakiness, new failures, always failing, build stability, run summary, and more.

Track Failure Rate of Test Builds

Know the performance of each test build and track the failure rate of tests, flakiness, and average failure rate to keep an eye on the health of test suite.

QA testers

Complete End-to-End Visibility

Interactive testing trends charts that provide a 360-degrees end to end visibility into automation metrics for all teams, projects and modules.

Understand Impact of Unique Errors

Get Detailed analytics on Unique errors. View how many tests each error impacts to easily prioritize error debugging.

Enhanced Debugging with Rich Artifacts

Effectively identify and debug any issues in your test build with detailed analytics and rich artifacts on the central test automation dashboard.

No spreadsheet madness

Get Historical Data and Trends

Identify trends with comprehensive historical data for all re-runs and merged runs of test builds for a better understanding of reoccurring issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Test Automation Dashboard is a centralized Test Reporting platform offered by BrowserStack Test Observability that provides detailed insights and visualizations of various test build runs together for better analysis.

Automation Testing Dashboard gives a complete 360-degree view of the test runs through a centralized multi-dimensional report containing rich insights and artifacts. This speeds up debugging and decision-making for high-quality software delivery.

You can easily create a centralized Custom Test Report Dashboard using BrowserStack Test Observability in 3 simple steps:

  • Select Dashboards from the Test Observability menu. 
  • Select a widget from the options and configure it.
  • Name the Dashboard 

BrowserStack Test Observability offers AI-driven Test Automation Dashboard with rich insights and artifacts for faster triage and debugging. It integrates well with different frameworks and CI pipelines for a consolidated test run report from multiple triggers across different frameworks.

Need a detailed & custom Test Automation Dashboard?

Try BrowserStack Observability, a custom Test Automation Dashboard offering detailed Report & Analytics of your Manual & Automation Test Suite through seamless integration with different frameworks