Instantly testing websites on Microsoft Edge

Developers no longer have to rely on virtual machines (VM), Edge emulators or PC’s with Windows 10 to test their websites on Microsoft Edge. Microsoft and BrowserStack are partnering to provide a cloud-based infrastructure to instantly test and ship great user experiences on Microsoft Edge. Test on Edge online, for free.

Microsoft Edge Testing in place of Edge Emulator

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it critical to test your websites on Microsoft Edge browser?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10. It is also currently the fourth most popular browser in global usage (as of Feb 2021). Microsoft Edge’s mobile browser version is also deemed superior in aspects such as feature-richness and speed. Since different browsers have different rendering engines, it becomes important to test websites on Microsoft Edge to ensure that Edge users do not have trouble accessing a website.

What is an Edge emulator?

The Edge emulator mimics a Microsoft Edge browser on your laptop or desktop. This allows developers and QA testers to do a quick check of their websites on a replica of the browser.

What are the disadvantages of using Microsoft Edge emulators & simulators?

Edge Emulators & Simulators only mimic an Edge browser screen and usually run slower than a real browser. In general, emulators or VMs are inadequate for testing since developers and QAs cannot mimic the exact CSS support and browser interactions that would occur on a real browser-device combination. Therefore, website testing would be incomplete without running tests on the real Edge browser installed on real devices.

Can we test a website on Microsoft Edge online on Windows & Mac?

Yes. Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 systems. So, if you do not have a Windows 10 workstation, you can access it via a real device cloud like the one provided by BrowserStack, irrespective of whether you are on a Windows workstation or a Mac.

Edge can also be run via a virtual machine (VM) on any device. But, doing so may mean compromising on your code and not guaranteeing a bug-free experience to your users. Microsoft Edge is moving to a Chromium engine soon, which should make it compatible with macOS.

How does BrowserStack help you with free edge browser testing?

BrowserStack has partnered with Microsoft to offer free Edge browser testing for up to 3 months. In fact, Microsoft itself recommends testing on BrowserStack.

All you need to do is Sign Up and start testing websites on Microsoft Edge on real devices (desktop and mobile). Along with Edge, you can also test websites on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. BrowserStack also provides plugins to integrate with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo which facilitates easier testing and debugging. You can also automate tests and debug using native dev tools.

*Available to all users who sign up on or after 30th March 2017