Taming Your Dragon - From No QA to Fully Integrated QA

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About this webinar:

With so many test automation tools flooding the market, it’s difficult for new teams to even know where to begin. In this webinar, learn Priyanka Halder’s tried and tested formula for finding the best test automation tools and building the ideal QA stack.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Steps to create an automation framework that suits your business needs
  • Demo of GoodRx’s tech stack – Selenium WebDriver, BrowserStack, Applitools, Jenkins etc.
  • Best Practices of creating a successful PoC.

Priyanka Halder

Priyanka has more than 12 years’ experience in Quality Assurance from GoodRx Inc, Heal, and Homeme Inc. She currently heads the Quality Engineering team in Goodrx.

Praveen Umanath

Praveen is the Director of Product Management and Product Marketing at BrowserStack. Previously he was a Senior Director at Endurance International Group and Senior Product Manager at Directi.

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