A complete solution to meet accessibility compliance for iOS and Android apps

Catch accessibility issues in your app screens effortlessly with our lightning-fast workflow scanner, powered by a proprietary rule engine. Experience it all on real devices with zero setup requirements.

A complete solution to meet accessibility compliance for iOS and Android apps

Seamless testing across platforms on real devices

Real Device Cloud

Get instant access to 20,000+ real iOS and Android devices. Test on real devices, not emulators and simulators.

Zero Setup

Skip the usual, time-consuming multiple technical requirements to set up your tests. Just upload your app and you’re all set to go.

Smart WCAG mapping
Single Workflow

No more toggling between documentation pages for different platforms. Run scans for both iOS and Android in a unified workflow.

A scanner with automated issue detection for your
app workflow

Automatically detect common app accessibility issues with our proprietary rule engine. Identify and report issues like insufficient accessibility labels, inadequate touch target sizes, and more.

A benchmark in WCAG compliance for mobile

Comprehensive coverage of the most common app accessibility issues. Advanced detection for color contrast, app and screen orientation, iOS text resizing, accessibility labels and more.

Screen reader testing on real devices

Run TalkBack on Android across thousands of real devices, mirroring real-world environment accuracy.

Elevate debugging efficiency with quick & intelligent reports

Access all historical and current reports from a single dashboard. Streamline your review cycle by easily sharing reports and leverage detailed issue insights.

Publicly Accessible Reports

Share accessibility insights with stakeholders via unique, shareable links, fostering better collaboration.

Issue Details

Gain in depth insights into accessibility issues, complete with visual identifiers and guides for addressing identified issues.

Central reporting dashboard
Central Reporting Dashboard

Streamline your monitoring process, making it easier to analyze and address app issues from a single interface.