Boost up your build pipelines with
on-demand concurrent testing

Run 1000s of tests in parallel across BrowserStack real device cloud and scale your tests like never before.

Parallel Testing with BrowserStack

Parallel Testing with BrowserStack combines quality at speed and scale.
Run across thousands of device-OS combinations seamlessly and get faster results.

Exhausted your parallel limit? Worry not!

Your tests get queued in-case you run out of the allotted parallels.
They get automatically executed as and when the parallels are freed.

Lightning fast builds

Leading agile teams use parallel testing on BrowserStack to complete builds in less than 10 minutes.

Uncompromising quality at scale

Test multiple use-cases across multiple devices & OS combinations without worrying about release quality.
Automate more test cases to catch bugs early and reduce manual effort in each build.

Why should you parallelize your tests

Faster build cycles

Parallel Testing helps you reduce your build times drastically.

Reduced overall costs

Helps you save and optimize test resources.

Quality at scale

Help you ship quality resources at the speed of agile.

Have more advanced requirements?

Get in touch with us or use our parallel tests calculator.

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