Most Comprehensive App Testing Experience

Testing on App Automate gives you the power to scale with instant access to 20000+ physical iOS and Android devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, etc. Check out our complete list of devices.

Reliable Device Infrastructure

With an industry leading uptime of 99.99%, you don’t have to worry about your tests getting interrupted.

Instant Access

Get instant access to your favourite device and be testing ready in minutes

24/7 device availability

Access devices at any time of the day without worrying about any testing delays.

Zero setup & Maintenance

BrowserStack’s plug-and-play solution allows you to focus on testing and not worry about the test infrastructure.

Highly secure & reliable

Every test on App Automate runs in a highly secure and pristine device with no backlogs from previous test runs.

Day 0 access to new devices

Get testing ready on new devices on the day of their global launch.

Minimal latency

Lets you connect to devices nearest to your servers for faster test executions.

Speed up your test runs with parallelization

Ship quality releases, faster. Reduce build times by more than 10x through parallel test execution on BrowserStack cloud

Test native device features

Biometric Authentication

Test for scenarios like login authentication, payments & many more.

Network Simulation

Test for scenarios like connectivity, fluctuating network & many more.

Device Passcode

Test for scenarios like login authentication, payments & many more.

Localization settings

Test your apps across different timezones, languages and geolocations.

Physical SIM testing

Test OTP-based workflows like USSD, SMS services or authentication scenarios.

Camera image injection

Test camera-based app workflows like picture upload, QR/barcode code scanning.

Local environment testing, simplified

Hassle-free testing on your internal staging environment through BrowserStack SDK which establishes a secure connection to the BrowserStack cloud.

Unwavering Security, Assured

The privacy and security of your data are of utmost importance to us. Everything we do at BrowserStack reflects this philosophy.

Pristine Devices

Our devices are thoroughly cleaned and reset to factory settings before each test run, ensuring a smooth testing experience.

SOC2 Type 2 Compliant

BrowserStack platform and data centres are SOC2 Type 2 compliant. With regular audits, we ensure if your data is managed securely and privacy is protected.

GDPR Compliant

Experience highly secure testing experience with our platform and real device infrastructure. We ensure the privacy of your data in accordance with EU’s GDPR 2016/679.


App Automate supports your hybrid and native apps for Android (.apk or .aab) or iOS (.ipa).

App Automate supports Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, Flutter and Detox for your native and hybrid app automation testing.

There are over 130+ unique device models that you can run your tests on. Please refer to the complete list here.

Yes. You get access to leading OEM devices, sometimes on the day of the launch itself.

Yes. There are tiers allocated to the type of device you test on. If you cross that limit, your tests go into a queue. Please refer to this list for all device tiers.

You can test on advanced use-cases like: camera-based app workflows, microphone audio input, Biometric Authentication, Device Passcode, OTP-based authentication, SIM-based workflows and many more. Refer here for the complete list.

App Automate supports a range of integrations across frameworks, CI/CD, project management, commucation and many more. Refer to the complete list here.

Yes. we have a dedicated feature for running performance benchmarks and assertions for your respective application tests. Know more about it here.

Yes. You can use BrowserStack Local binary to test your apps locally hosted on private networks. Refer to the documentation for more info.