Visual Testing, Simplified

Create stunning, bug-free native applications with consistent visual perfection in every release

Accurate visual testing that supercharges productivity

Streamline your visual testing process with unparalleled speed and accuracy

Percy Visual Engine

A robust AI-powered algorithm that detects the changes your users actually care about. Reduce noise and streamline your image comparisons with page shift detection, handling anti-aliasing noise, intelligent text stabilization, and ignore regions.

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Cross-device & OS rendering

View visual differences specific to each device using diff overlay, diff highlighter, and diff sensitivity settings. Switch devices with one click and compare your screenshots to a baseline ensuring your app looks perfect on every device.

Plug & Play Integrations

Start testing in minutes on App Percy by integrating it into your existing functional test scripts with just a single line of code – no additional workload after setup. App Percy supports popular CI/CD and SCM tools such as Jenkins, Travis CI, GitHub and many more.

Optimized Debugging Workflow

Instantly access a suite of logging and debugging tools, all in one dashboard. Access session-specific device logs, timestamped text logs and screenshots, and a video recording of your entire testing session. You can upload and view your terminal logs using REST API.

Parallel Test Execution

Achieve over 10X faster build times by concurrently running multiple automated tests on 400+ device and OS combinations.

Intelligent Element Handling

App Percy’s AI-powered algorithm automatically handles and disables dynamic page elements such as dates, and times on status bars. This eliminates concerns about flakiness and instability that could otherwise disrupt your testing process.

Status Reports & Easy Reviews

The review workflow keeps teams informed with automatic status updates, notifications, and comments during each visual review. Screenshot comparisons and automatic diff matching features enhance review even in complex apps.

Integrated Workflows

App Percy maintains baselines, branch logic, and approval carry forwards, keeping your reviews in sync with your workflow at all times.

Extended build history

Check your app screens for specific builds by time-traveling to your build history of up to 1 year. App Percy complies with all data storage regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 Type 2.

Build Sequencing & Branch Filtering

App Percy waits for the ideal base build to complete rather than using an older and irrelevant build as a baseline by default. It supports auto approval of branches and capable of defining your primary default baseline

Enterprise Features

Get access to state-of-the-art enterprise features such as SSO, IP Whitelisting, and a Dedicated Customer Success Manager for your team.

Add visual testing to your existing workflow

App Percy supports leading E2E, SCM, and CI/CD tools for seamless visual testing integration

WebDriver IO
Travis CI
Circle CI