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Frequently Asked Questions

In layman’s terms, Cloud Mobile Testing refers to the usage of cloud services to build a highly scalable test infrastructure. This cloud-based test infrastructure is responsible for hosting actual mobile devices (Android, iOS) or emulators. These devices and emulators are made available 24×7 for teams and individuals across the globe for testing web and mobile applications on desired browsers, platforms, and handsets.

Using a Mobile Testing Cloud eliminates the need for building and maintaining an on-premise mobile devices lab. This means that teams do not need to worry about investing significant capital to set up, maintain, and update the lab with real Android and iOS handsets. Shifting mobile testing to the cloud offers a more cost-effective solution, especially for growing organizations. 

The key benefits are:

  1. Allows running of parallel tests on multiple mobile devices simultaneously
  2. Allows testing of apps or websites on cross-platform mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  3. Provides real device access which helps teams discover critical bugs faster
  4. Results in faster releases

Enterprises need to ensure that any software carrying their brand name delivers flawless user experience to every single user. The credibility and revenue stream for any enterprise depends on its brand recognition, which, in this age, is closely tied to the quality and service provided by its software. For example, a bank will not do too well in the digital age if their app keeps crashing every time it experiences a surge in logins. 

Additionally, enterprise-level applications are very complex and demands continuous testing to deliver a quality product. This can be achieved only when teams can use a dedicated test infrastructure that enables them to perform comprehensive testing at any point of time.

Naturally, adopting a Cloud Mobile Testing platform for enterprises is a sensible solution to address these issues. It allows teams of all sizes to test software across a range of devices from one single test plan.

There is no such thing as the right time when planning to adopt a Mobile Testing Cloud as it is a time and cost-effective solution for everyone. However, a mobile testing cloud is best suited for software teams (small scale in particular) that seek to test apps or websites on a wide range of real mobile devices but cannot afford to maintain an on-premise device lab. 

BrowserStack’s real device cloud empowers teams and individual testers to test across 3000+ real devices and browsers, including both the latest and legacy versions of Android and iOS devices. Teams can either choose to test manually on the desired device or run automated parallel tests across multiple devices using a Cloud Selenium Grid

When testers can access a large number of cross-platform devices, achieving comprehensive test coverage becomes much easier. Additionally, teams have the flexibility to scale up testing with parallel tests in order to speed up their release cycles. Sign up for free.