Selenium Grid on Cloud

Instant access to Cloud Selenium Grid of 3000+ desktop browsers & real mobile devices. Say goodbye to your internal Selenium Grid.

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Real devices and browsers

Real devices and browsers

Harness our Selenium grid to start testing instantly on 3000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.


Parallel test runs

Run hundreds of tests concurrently to speed up the execution time of your test suite by more than 10x.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Integrate in minutes using popular languages and frameworks. Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins.

Test on dev environment

Test on dev environments

Test websites hosted on development environments or behind firewalls with zero setup or configuration.


Comprehensive debugging

Debug with ease using video recordings, automated screenshots of errors, text logs, console logs and network logs.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Tests run securely on tamper-proof physical devices and desktop VMs, wiped clean of data after every session. Read more about security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selenium Grid refers to a software testing setup that enables QAs to perform parallel tests across multiple browsers and devices with unique operating systems. It is essentially a setup that makes the entire functionality of a Selenium Grid directly accessible using cloud-based servers. Thus, it is called Selenium Grid on Cloud.

A Cloud Selenium Grid helps developers or testers address challenges associated with maintaining physical infrastructure. This is possible because the Cloud Selenium Grid provides users with an extensive range of device-browser combinations to test on. Besides, testers do not need to worry about maintaining or updating devices or browsers. That is taken care of by the Cloud Selenium Grid

Migrating an in-house Selenium Grid to the cloud makes automated testing of web applications independent of physical infrastructure. This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain devices to test on. A Selenium Cloud also provides high availability which reduces the risk of downtime.

Selenium Testing on Cloud makes it possible for QAs to perform extensive testing across numerous combinations of browsers and devices. This ensures that a web application is thoroughly tested for usability and functionality before it is released to end-users.

One must start with getting perfect clarity on test requirements. Then, search for a platform that provides a cloud-based Selenium Grid that meets these requirements. This will help testers ensure that their web-app is thoroughly tested for a vast number of device-browser combinations

BrowserStack Automate provides instant access to a Selenium Grid of 3000+ browsers and real devices that help you perform automated tests via the cloud. It eliminates any need for creating and maintaining in-house device labs or personal Selenium Grids. One can simply Signup and get started for free.