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Best Test Management Tools For Jira

By Tom Collins, Community Contributor -

Test management is a great indicator of your test activities like test case plan, design, run, execution, bug tracking, and reporting through the software development life cycle. The test management activities lower the involvement and cost of resources for this purpose and make it more efficient. Furthermore, it produces qualitative summarized reports for your tests.

The importance of test management are:

  • It covers all the test scenarios. Thus, it eliminates the chance of missing out on the bugs in the system. Thus your system meets its required standards.
  • It identifies the areas of improvement with customized test reports, tracks, and analyses. In this way, it cuts the extra effort of test teams.
  • It saves a lot of your time by increasing the automated test activities. Thus, your team gets more time to focus on and solve critical issues.

There are many test management tools for Jira, but you only need the reliable ones to get the best results. So, know the best ones in the following section. 

Is Jira a test management tool?

Jira is a popular open-source tool for flexible project support, bug tracking, and management. Since its launch, around 65,000+ companies have been using this worldwide. 

  • It is the perfect tool to manage your automation and manual test case with customizable workflows, bug tracking with backlog views, DevOps solutions, and more. 
  • It follows end-to-end agile methodologies with Scrum, Kanban boards, sprint reports, burn-down charts, velocity charts, roadmaps for test plans, time tracking, and more. 
  • It supports seamless collaboration and communication between the test and development teams. 

So, it gives a complete package for managing your test suites easily. Thus you can say that Jira is a test management tool. Again, it provides CI/CD tool integrations like – Bitbucket, GitLab, JFrog, etc., for the SD teams.

Features of Best Test Management Tools for Jira

  • Test Case Management: These tools allow the testers and developers to create, review, and manage manual and automated test cases within the SDLC.
  • Test Plan Creation and Management: You can make a proper test plan with the testing process, budget, human resources, entry and exit criteria, etc. This test plan helps to figure out a seamless test procedure.
  • Test Execution and Reporting: These tools execute your test cases and generate test reports with real-time analysis, insight views, and more. Also, you can identify your test progress and status as well.
  • Integration with Jira and other tools: The integrations with Jira and other tools improve the test management tools’ capability, efficiency, and accuracy. Hence, the organizations integrate bug tracking, CI/CD, and project management tools.
  • Collaboration and Communication: These tools help the testers and developers track a bug and communicate through the comment sections for making the solutions. Also, team members can find the assigned tasks through the tool. So, they improve collaboration also.

Best Test Management Tools for Jira

Here are the best Jira test management tools and their features. 

1. QAlity: is a Jira test management tool that provides the best usability experience for testing teams. It has Jira-only add-ons. As a tester, you will get all the insight for your test activities and executions. It can leverage the test efficiency through easy reports, links, browsing for bugs, etc. It also helps to improve communication between the testers and the developers by stating the test definitions within the tasks.

2. Tricentis: It’s one of the best test management tools for Jira, which assists with a quality UI that easily fits with Jira. It helps to organize your work in every stage of the testing cycle with real-time test data, reports, status, and more. Another important feature is that it allows extracting information from Jira even when the Jira server is down. It offers a 30-day free trial and $1.38/month per user.

3. Kualitee: Kualitee provides a two-way integration and auto-syncing with Jira. It’s popular for its user-friendly dashboards and supports manual and automation testing. It has other features like – data management, status, defect severity checking, tagging, etc. It has binding with other automation frameworks (Selenium) and test management tools (GitHub, Jenkins, etc.).

4. Apwide Golive: It’s one of the best Jira test management tools, as the enterprise solution of this tool offers the solution for test environment management in Jira. Thus you can manage configuration, integration, deployments, and release in a single environment. It helps to get the testers real-time information. 

5. QMetry: It has the Jira plugin for test management that can manage standard Jira test cases, scenarios, and issues. This tool increases the capacity of Jira projects to complete an entire test cycle smoothly. That minimizes your test efforts with test data specifications. Additionally, it has different integrations with CI/CD tools and Rest APIs. It supports cross-project reporting, BDD, cloning, link creation within Jira, and more.

6. QATouch: It’s a free test case management tool for Jira. QATouch offers a user-friendly UI for test teams. It has features like step-by-step test execution, screen recording, activity log, bug tracking, etc. It contains another attractive feature – organize your tests within an easy tree structure. But the free version of this tool has limited capabilities. You can create only 100 test cases, run 25 tests, and get 10 test reports.

How does BrowserStack integrate with Jira?

BrowserStack integrates Jira for test management in two ways – ongoing Live sessions and an integration page. But it’s necessary to have an Atlassian user account for these.

  • With this integration, you can find all the metadata about your test and perform bug reporting. 
  • First, you have to log in to the BrowserStack Live dashboard. Then, click ‘Capture a bug’ from the toolbar. 
  • Next, you have to select Jira software from the available integration. It will navigate you to the sign-in page of Jira. 
  • After entering your credential, you will get the prompt – ‘Connect to my Jira account.’ 
  • It will integrate Jira with Live.

Atlassian Webpage

  • For the second process, you need to sign in to BrowserStack Live. 
  • Then select ‘Integrations’ from the drop-down list of the profile icon.
  • Next, select ‘Jira Software > Connect’ from the integrations page.
  • It will take you to the ‘Sign-in to Jira’ prompt. 
  • Now follow the same process described in the above point to integrate Jira.

Sign in to JIRA

BrowserStack’s Test Management Capabilities

  • With BrowserStack test management features, the QA team manages manual and automated test cases in a unified test management platform. It provides a central repository to organize the test cases within the folders and tags.
  • It can easily track your test run, execution, and status through Test Observability. As a result, you will get standard test reports (JUnIt-XML, BDD-JSON) from the automation frameworks.
  • It supports bi-directional integration with Jira.
  • Automation frameworks easily integrate with BrowserStack test management. The tools are Selenium, Cypress, Appium, TestNG, and more.
  • It seamlessly integrates with CI/CD tools like – Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure Pipelines, etc.

Best Test Management Tools For Jira

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