All-In-One Test Management For Manual & Automated Testing

Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered testing efforts, and experience the power of a modern, comprehensive test management solution.

Unified testing

Manage manual and automated test cases effortlessly on a single test management platform.

Supercharged workflows

Achieve better traceability by tracking test cases & test runs through two-way binding using Jira app.

Complete visibility

Track the status of every release with powerful dashboards and get complete visibility into each release and test run.

Create test cases at lightning speed

Bring structure to your testing

Manage all your manual & automation test cases in a central place, well-organized using folders and tags.

Create test cases effortlessly

Seamlessly navigate between folders and tests, add results, and link issues with fewer clicks and page loads. Easily search, sort, and filter test cases with pre-defined parameters.

Leverage in-built templates

Ready-to-use standard test case fields like ID, title, owner, preconditions, and steps covering most of the test case requirements.

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Jumpstart with Quick Import

Easily import test data from an existing test management tool using APIs. Import thousands of test artefacts in a few clicks by leveraging APIs. Add custom fields on-the-fly while importing data from CSV files. Leverage smart parsing of import files to create & update test cases.

Streamlined manual and automated test runs

Plan what needs to be tested across manual and automated test cases and track the status of each execution in real time. Push automation test run results by integrating with BrowserStack Test Observability. Upload standard JUnit-XML/BDD-JSON reports generated by popular testing automation frameworks.

Simple and easy integrations

Whether it’s integrating with a project management tool, test automation framework, or any CI/CD tool, we have got you covered!

Two-way Jira binding

With our two-way Jira binding, all your test cases & test runs are visible and manageable in both Test Management & Jira.

Integration with CI/CD tools

Scale up test automation by integrating with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Azure Pipelines, Bamboo, and CircleCI.

Supporting multiple frameworks

TestNG, WebdriverIO, Nightwatch.js, Playwright, Cypress, Robot, Cucumber, Mocha, Behave, pytest, Selenium, Espresso, REST Assured & many more.

See it in action

Actionable dashboards

Stay up-to-date with your releases by leveraging a rich dashboard and real-time insights on testing trends.

Dashboard analytics

Get a high-level overview or drilled-down details of your test cases & test runs through dashboards and reports.

Test Observability

Gain deeper insights into the performance and quality of your releases by integrating with BrowserStack Test Observability.

Track metrics

Monitor historical data and testing trends across test cases & test runs executed.

See it in action

The unified test management is just a click away.

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