CI CD Tools

  • Circle CI vs Jenkins

    CircleCI vs Jenkins

    This guidepost points out detailed differences between CircleCI and Jenkins - two popular CI/CD integration tools platforms widely used by software development teams.

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  • Jenkins vs Gitlab: Differences

    Jenkins vs Gitlab: Differences

    This guidepost helps users evaluate the key differences between the two popular CI/CD tools - Jenkins vs Gitlab. Analyze the pros and cons of each and find out the ideal tool that meets your requirements.

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  • Implementing Continuous Testing in a Team

    How to implement a Continuous Testing strategy for DevOps?

    Best practices to implement a Continuous Testing strategy in an Agile development team. Run Continuous Tests on real browsers and devices for 100% accurate results.

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  • Jenkins for Test Automation

    Explore Jenkins, its features, and how it can facilitate test automation. A step-by-step tutorial on setting up Jenkins in order to manage your CI/CD pipeline.

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  • Basics of Continuous Monitoring

    What is Continuous Monitoring in DevOps?

    What is Continuous Monitoring? Why is it an integral part of the DevOps pipeline, crucial to achieving efficiency, scalability, and better-quality products?

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  • Essential Tools for every DevOps Team

    5 DevOps Tools Every Team Must Have

    Five DevOps tools essential for development and QA teams for implementing a high-functioning CI/CD pipeline. Learn how to use these tools to establish robust, DevOps-aligned development and testing.

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  • Integrate QA into DevOps

    How to fit QA into a DevOps setup

    4 steps to seamlessly integrate QA into your DevOps pipeline. Find out what tools and methods you need to turn QA into a powerful DevOps facilitator.

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  • DevOps Tester Prerequisites

    Prerequisites for DevOps Testers

    With DevOps becoming the norm in software development, organizers must move their existing employees (devs and testers) to processes and methods more aligned with DevOps practices. However, this is easier said than done. DevOps doesn’t just require the right tools and frameworks, but also a fundamental shift in mindset in those using said tools. Developers […]

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  • Jenkins vs Ansible

    What works better for you, Ansible or Jenkins? Get a detailed rundown and comparison between these popular CI/CD tools. Amp up your DevOps setups with the right tools and real devices.

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  • The Role of QA in DevOps

    How does QA fit into DevOps? What is the role of QA engineers in a DevOps pipeline? How do QA testers act as consultants and strategists? How can QAs evolve to become DevOps facilitators?

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