Eliminate the risk of shipping visual bugs

Get visual coverage across your entire UI and ship every release with confidence

Perform comprehensive visual reviews at speed

Run visual tests on every commit and get quick, deterministic results to help you debug efficiently

Cross Browser & Platform Rendering

Percy renders the same page in different browsers and platforms – desktop and mobile, highlighting the visual diffs specific to each. Percy captures DOM snapshots and assets, renders and compares them to previously generated snapshots to detect visual changes.

Cross Browser and Platform Rendering

Responsive Diffs

Percy renders pages at configurable responsive widths by resizing the browser when generating page screenshots and highlights visual diffs. It groups visual changes and ignores noise to facilitate faster and accurate visual reviews.

Snapshot Stabilization

Percy’s proprietary snapshot stabilization technology automatically freezes animations and other dynamic elements to minimize false-positives. Percy ensures that pages are rendered consistently and deterministically.

Snapshot stablization
Parallelization capabilities

Parallelization Capabilities

Percy is designed to support any parallelized test environment and can also be configured for custom setups. Snapshots are grouped in the same Percy build, even if tests are run in different processes or machines.

Review changes and keep your teams updated

Percy enables collaborative reviews with workflows designed for efficiency

Status Updates

Status Updates

Percy’s review workflow keeps teams up-to-date with automatic status updates, notifications and comments throughout every visual review.

Efficient Review

Efficient Reviews

Percy’s snapshot comparisons and automatic diff matching make reviewing visual changes easier even in complex applications.


Synchronized Workflows

Percy manages baselines, branch logic, and approval carryforwards, ensuring that your reviews are always in sync with your workflow.

Add visual testing to your existing workflow

Percy seamlessly integrates with your development workflows and tools you are already using

WebDriver IO
Travis CI

Uncompromising security, guaranteed

Your data is safe and secure when you use BrowserStack. We guarantee this.

GDPR Compliant


CCPA Compliant