Visual testing powered by computer vision

A generational leap in image comparisons—reducing noise and highlighting the most important changes.

Introducing Percy Visual Engine

Percy Visual Engine is the core algorithm that runs all the image comparisons. It is an upgrade of the existing diffing algorithm to bring significant improvement in noise reduction and highlight changes that matter to help you ship with confidence.

The most advanced visual testing algorithm

All new visual testing experience that focuses on changes your users care about.

Assert visual correctness with Percy

Noise reduction

Significant reduction of layout shifts and non-deterministic rendering noises.

Scalable visual tests and reviews with Percy

Highlight the most important changes

Percy now highlights only the most important changes on a page using a proprietary method.

Test responsive breakpoint widths with Percy

Increase in productivity

Visual testing on Percy is faster now that the time required to review changes has been drastically reduced.

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Reduced noise and flakiness

Percy helps you focus on changes that matter by highlighting only the changes that are most critical to your users.

Page shift detection

Percy now highlights the exact pixels that cause the page shift instead of marking the entire page contents as diff.

Handling anti aliasing noise

The new Percy Visual Engine uses computer vision to deterministically render each pixel, thereby eliminating the false positives due to anti-aliasing.

Intelligent text stabilization

Minor character shifts during rendering leading to false positives are a thing of the past. Percy stabilizes text shifts using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) library.

Ignore regions

You can now ignore specific regions on a page, so you no longer have to worry about dynamic data causing flakiness.

Customizable DOM selection

Percy now allows you to customize the DOM used for each snapshot width for accurate visual tests.

Eliminate the risk of shipping visual bugs

Detect visual changes with accurate comparisons and deliver pixel-perfect software with every release

Faster and collaborative reviews with teams

Collaborative visual reviews

Comment, discuss and collaborate with your team to ship faster. Percy also keeps teams up-to-date with automatic status updates in your pull requests whenever visual changes are detected.

Freezing animations and GIFs for accurate results

Dynamic data handling

Percy’s proprietary snapshot stabilization technology automatically freezes animations to minimize false-positives. You can also ignore specific areas of your page using percy-specific-css.


Leveraging existing test suites

Percy integrates seamlessly into your existing CI/CD workflow and supports popular test automation frameworks, languages, tools, and workflow integrations.