Accessibility Testing

Device shake & multi-gestures

Simulate Gestures on iOS Devices

Enable users to simulate a gesture on iOS devices such as shaking the device to make a switch between production and staging environments.

Enhanced Interaction

Enable users to use multi-finger gestures such as three taps using two fingers to receive popups and notifications, open up a hidden menu, and more.
Device shake & multi-gestures
Assistive touch

Assistive Touch

App Switching

Test workflows that require switching between installed and active apps while multitasking.

Screenshot Testing

Test workflows that require taking screenshots even in applications that typically block it.

Reachability Mode Simulation

Enable users to simulate reachability mode to test how their app looks and functions when users enable reachability to help them reach the top of the application.

App Orientation

Screen Orientation

Enable users to test their media apps such as games and videos for visual and compatibility aspects in both landscape and portrait modes, ensuring a seamless experience across all device orientations.

Screen Space Utilization

Assess your applications in landscape and portrait modes, ensuring that the app is taking advantage of the completely available screen space.
App Orientation
Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Low-light simulation

Enables users to test their app's appearance and functionality in low-light environments by enabling Dark Mode simulation.

Buttons & actions verification

Ensure that your app buttons, and actions look and work as expected even when Dark Mode is enabled on the device.