Advanced Features

Offline Mode Simulation

Offline Functionality Testing

Test workflows that provide essential functionalities like accessing stored data, offline content, and offline mode features.

Error Handling and User Guidance

Ensure that your app provides a user-friendly experience when network interruptions occur by simulating offline mode during app usage.

Low Battery Mode (iOS)

iOS Low Power Mode Activation

Helps users simulate low battery conditions by activating Low Power Mode, and temporarily adjusting settings such as network connectivity, display brightness, and background app refresh.

Battery Settings Access

Test workflows that rely on specific battery-related configurations such as auto-lock, display brightness, display refresh rate, visual effects, automatic downloads, email fetch, and background app refresh.

Network Simulation

Simulate slow network

Ensure that your app functions smoothly and efficiently under varying network speeds, providing a consistent user experience.

Network Latency Simulation

Test your app's responsiveness and ability to handle latency, which is crucial for real-time applications and online gaming.