Location and Device Settings

Device Settings

Set time & Timezone

Test workflows that require detecting device time or workflows that are impacted by varying timezones.

Accessibility setting

Test the compatibility of your workflows with the default accessibility settings in the iOS devices.

IP Geolocation

IP Geolocation Simulation

Simulate website and mobile behavior to verify scenarios like localized pricing, languages, and product listings by selecting IP addresses from 60+ countries.

Customized Testing Locations

Customize the geographic origin of traffic to your website or mobile app to see how it behaves across the world.

Localization Testing

Language and Content Customization

Customize default language settings, content, and offers for specific geographic locations to ensure that your app provides content in the local language and adheres to cultural norms.

Localization of Advertising Content

Ensure that the advertising content is localized and culturally relevant to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts.