Speed up your releases with parallelization in Selenium

  • 60 mins
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About this webinar:

Every Dev and QA team wants to release software at speed. Parallel testing helps teams run a massive number of tests in minutes, reducing build times and enabling faster releases. However, in order to prepare for parallelization, you need a well structured test suite and a stable, scalable test infrastructure. In this webinar, David Burns will demonstrate how to optimize your test suites to make the most of parallel test execution.

From this webinar you will learn:

  • Effectively plan parallelization
  • Maintain test hygiene while scaling your parallels
  • Achieve faster build times by running tests in parallel
  • Best practices of monitoring test feedback

David Burns

Core contributor to Selenium and co-editor of the Webdriver specification

Praveen Umanath

Director of Marketing, BrowserStack

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